Another law violation by team trump

during teh shutdown earlier this year trump had entrance fees from national parks used to keep them open.

the GAO said the Interior Department moved money between accounts without authorization from Congress, in violation of federal law. The agency must report the violation to Congress, identify the officials responsible for it and explain steps it will take to prevent similar violations. It said any subsequent actions in the future would be “knowing and willful violations,” and officials would be subject to penalties

according to the report the interior department refused to cooperate with the investigation,just more proof that team trump doent care about the law

Oh that’s a biggie! Impeachment now for sure! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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^ party of law and order

More so than the opposing party for sure. The Deep State Party. :sunglasses:

The Obama admin lied to FISA to attempt a coup…

The wheel of cratic spins eternally

And for all of you who had “weaponized IRS” thanks for playing better luck next time



Impeach away. Impeach away.

Hardest job in the world: to be a Trump supporter :joy:

Russian collusion hoax!
Deepstate Traitors!
The Obama criminal cabal hearings will make Nuremberg look like small claims court!

What do you mean?

Good point… The Obama admin weaponized almost every agency in the fed govt against republicans. These things were predicted by those who never wanted to give the federal govt this much power.

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Impeach him…impeach 45.

Should have kept reading. :wink:

The Interior Department used park fees to keep those parks open.
Its like Al Capone.

Pretty much. Obama closed down even the unmanned sections of parks just to be a butt (tried to keep ww2 vets from seeing their memorial for one thing…shameful), but that was ok.

He even tried to shut down the parking lot at Mt Vernon until told in no uncertain tone that it was Private property. :rofl:

I thought you were gonna say: collusion finder

Or: trump impeacher

Or Russia



Ah yes, the lie that can’t be identified. Trump just needs to declassify the FISA application so the unidentified lie can be revealed. If only he had the power to do so…

I still get a laugh every time I see the kooky ‘‘coup attempt’’ delusion.

Process crime! Or something