Another Heartwarming story About Deranged Libs threatening To Kill (R)s

Just another case of a lunatic DEMOCRAT whipped up into a frenzy by the hateful liberal media and their unhinged supporters/enablers.

Never forget the Bernie supporter who attempted to kill several elected officials and some innocent bystandrs. And you’ve got one big screen tough guy repeatedly talking about punching the President. Another who wants to lock the president’s son in with pedophiles and strip the DHS Sec. for public viewing. A has been singer who wants to blow up the White House. A “comedian” who holds up a mock decapitated head of the president, and now this.

A man threatens the children of the FCC Chairman.

Any idea whereally this hatred is headed libs??

While we have HS students and reporters and even Congresswomen being threatened…you have to find the one republican, eh?

It’s just trolling.

Enemy of the people.

Cool story. Thanks for sharing, I guess.

I really don’t care do U?

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Take it you never bothered to read what he wrote.