Another Good Guy With a Gun

GENESEE COUNTY, N.Y. (WKBW) — Police in Genesee County are investigating after a homeowner shot an intruder during an alleged home invasion.

The Genesee County Undersheriff says 36-year-old Charles Cooper forced his way into a home on Clinton Street overnight, appeared to be in possession of a gun, and demanded cash from the homeowner.

The 76-year-old homeowner tells 7 Eyewitness News it was shortly after 9:00 p.m. he heard a knock at the door. He says the man, wearing a ski mask pushed him and forced his way inside.

“He had the gun in my face,” the man said.

The homeowner says the suspect then asked the couple to move to the back mud room. The homeowner went first, knowing he had the double-barrel shotgun in the room.

“I hurried up and went down, he didn’t follow me right away. I backed up against the wall, reached up and got the shotgun. I put it behind me. He couldn’t see it. He turned around, dropped his money and he reached down and I shot from the hip. He went down,” the homeowner said.

The homeowner says his wife called 911.

Cooper was airlifted to Strong Memorial Hospital. He is listed in critical condition.

Police say the homeowner’s long gun was legally-owned.

Don’t mess with old folks.

Joe Biden approves.

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Our 870 would be a go-to inside our home, not a bad option!

That’s right! :grin:

I had to google what a “mud room” is.

AA-12s are shotguns and are way cool.

I take it you don’t have kids. :wink: