Another golden opportunity missed by republicans


Many people did not consider this, but the United States does not have to repay the national debt. As long as the United States has the ability to mint out trillion dollar coins, we have the opportunity to pay our creditors.


Will these coins have a glorious profile of Donald and his Amazing Technicolor Coif stamped on them?


Good idea. People will say that Donald solved the Debt Crisis.


I think the better question to ask is why did Rubio vote against his own bill? He co-authored it, but voted against it.

The Senate bill immigration reform bill should be law by now and you wouldn’t be asking for money for a wall. It would already be allocated.
Any idea why Rubio didn’t support his own bill?


S.744 was full of compromises. It was negotiated by the gang of eight over months of negotiations. If you want to start negotiating between the two sides, just save us all a little time and start with S.744


What was the reason the Republicans said no?


They didn’t want to give Obama a win. Those who voted nay in the senate, and the House leadership who wouldn’t let it come up for a vote, were the faction who decided, during the time between Obama’s election and inauguration, that they would oppose Obama no matter what.





The fact that you think the President is capable of asking a coherent and well structured question is your first problem.


Someone seems a little trump deranged lol


Yeah, Trump.


Obama lol hahahhaha


Democrats are still mad that they lost the Civil War. Sad.