Another golden opportunity missed by republicans


Trump already supported a bill this year that included an amnesty bill that included more than those already included in DACA, the wall, and and end to chain migration. So no, deporting all illegals isn’t all that moderates would accept. Dems seem to believe once you are across the border illegally and in a sanctuary city you are at that point a valued member of society and mean old ICE can’t touch you.


You’ve going down with your strawman ship, aren’t you?

One more time…unless you can prove otherwise…Chuck NEVER was in favor of a Wall and is now opposed to said Wall.


You just quoted someone. Who did you quote?


You don’t think we’re gonna have to pay the piper for this dance soon?


I know! I know!


Oh, so why didn’t we get that?


Yet your main complaint about the 2013 bill was de facto amnesty, yet you’re willing to accept de facto amnesty anyway. The only difference is that the 2013 bill at least allowed them to get on a pathway to citizenship, pay taxes, etc. instead of doing things as they are now.


11,000,000 - 2,000,000 = 9,000,000


Fun dodge! Doesn’t change that unless you’re supporting deportation of all illegals, you’re supporting either amnesty, or de facto amnesty. It seems that you WANT deportations, but are willing to settle for de facto amnesty…which means you should have supported the 2013 bill, because at least it provided a pathway to citizenship that wasn’t a freebie handout.


Why can’t we just kick them all out? It’s literally forced slavery if we continue to let them stay.


We can. We just need a president and congress with the courage to act.


They won’t act unless we make our voices heard. Everyone needs to call their Congressperson and demand that they support policies designed to rid America of the illegal vermin. How glorious would it be if we could deport tens of thousands of illegals every day?


Hey Chuck! Some anonymous poster on Hannity named Altair is spinning some yarn that you wanted a physical wall before and now you are against. Reality has proven that you never stated as such, but in alternative reality, can you pretend you flip flopped and are at a loss for words?



Maybe it’s time we ditch the RINOs and get some REAL REAL conservatives in congress.


I’m thinking of starting a local TEA party group. The conservatives running in my district aren’t extreme enough.


Donald Trump makes no mistakes. He did not brag and did not miss a great opportunity. Write down my words that Donald Trump always thinks. The charge of Donald Trump made a mistake is just like saying that he is not perfect. This is wrong and not acceptable. Those who spread fake news will be punished.


No. It means I see nuances and compromises. Everything isn’t black or white. A partial amnesty as part of a compromise may be acceptable.


Welcome to the 2013 bill.


Really real conservatives will make a comeback after Donald leaves the White House. And they will be most popular with those who abandoned conservatives and conservatism to wallow in the muck with Donald.


What could we possibly have to pay for? The explosive national debt? Don’t worry, the job makers will invest all their newfound gains back into the economy, eliminating the debt and sparking the most explosive trickle-down prosperity in the history of ever. It’s gonna be so bigly we’ll all beg Donald to stop being so bigly!