Another Fox pardon plea

Didn’t catch the guys name. Just heard him on the radio on Fox and Friends begging the President to pardon him.

So strange - fox news has become the way to plea your case before the president.

This has gotten ridiculous.

Yes, yes…this woman should be behind bars for the rest of her life. 21 years is not enough for what she did.

I’d say what Trump is doing right now is very cool for those being given a second chance who were NOT violent offenders.

Typically I would applaud such an action, but how does this square with Trump calling for harsher penalties for drug dealers? He even called for the death penalty.

Just more if the same for fickle Don.

Awesome. Did you applaud Obama for doing the same?

It’s the right thing to do but trump is doing it for the wrong reasons. He’s just making the pardon an everyday thing and then when he tries to use it for witness tampering he will point to all these pardons and say it’s just the normal thing he does. It’s really transparent.

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They had gun charges. Did you applaud him?

He’s not pardoning them to be nice or fair. He and his team are setting up the normalization of pardoning so he can pardon in the future for witness tampering. It’s all about what is good for trump.

trump is doing all this pardoning because it gives him a feeling of power. It’s about the only thing he can do without anyone’s approval and it’s easy. If it was difficult, he wouldn’t be doing it.

I feel bad for all the victims of the war on drugs rotting in prison cells who don’t have Fox and Friends or Kim K. lobbying Trump for them.


Kinda makes one wonder just how Kim K. managed to convince him to give her the pardon, doesn’t it?

I think there are a couple of reasons.

It’s very hard for a flat chested woman to be a 10.

  • D. Trump

Can’t believe Bush didn’t pardon Scooter…

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I’ve been saying Fox should have a reality show where relatives of convicts should plead their case. Then each week Trump could announce the “winner” on Fox and Friends.
Think of the ratings that would get. Which other celebrities would put their grievances aside regarding Trump and who would they advocate for?

Sarcasm off.


Yeah! They could put it in Judge Jeanine’s slot, after she was appointed to the supreme court! :laughing:

Another great idea. Except it need a to be on Monday to Thursday, with Trump announcing the weekly winner each Friday on Fox and Friends.

So hopefully we can see lots of pardons for non-violent prisoners whose only crime was getting caught with pot.

Just be honest Trump could pardon an abuser of children and his supporters would still applaud him.

Republican are soft on drug dealers.

I think it’s more than that. I think he’s setting the stage - making pardons an everyday thing - then when he is accused of pardoning to obstruct justice or tamper with witnesses he will claim he’s just pardon happy.