ANOTHER DEVICE: An Additional ‘Package’ is Intercepted Near CNN’s Atlanta Offices

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An additional “suspicious package” was sent to CNN and seized by law enforcement at an Atlanta Post Office Monday; sparking new security concerns that additional devices may be en route after apprehending a lone suspect last week.

According to NBC News, “The bomb squads of both the FBI and Atlanta police rushed to the scene, which is about 1.2 miles from CNN headquarters in Atlanta.”

“An FBI spokesman declined to speculate if this package could be the work of suspect Cesar Sayoc. But law enforcement officials told NBC News that this mailing has ‘all the outward appearances’ of the suspect’s work,” adds the network.

Cesar Sayoc was arrested in south Florida late last week after federal authorities narrowed down the nationwide manhunt using forensic evidence and cell-phone data; ending a week-long manhunt after a dozen “packages” were sent to leading Democrats across the country.

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