Another Coal Company Bankrupt


Yeah, when I read stuff like this it just makes me shake my head. Natural gas has been the noose around coal’s neck for a while now and these people still believe that a NY con man is going to bring antiquated jobs back. Say what you want about illegal immigrants but I actually have some respect for them that they’ll travel long distances and risk their necks to make it across the border just to find work doing the most menial jobs. Meanwhile, entitled Americans won’t even get off their ass to take advantage of training and courses that are practically given to them.


The workers and pensioners of the whale oil industry feel your pain.
Coal oil? It was a plot of the demon Libz!!!11! to ruin the lives of hard-working, God-fearing, patriotic American whalers and their loving families! And now they’re ruining coal workers. Nothing’s never enough for them damn Libz!


Oh well. Save Colorado from coal


Did you read your article?
Company officials say the Chapter 11 filing is part of a restructuring agreement with an unnamed group of lenders. Company officials say operations won’t be interrupted and there are no expected staff reductions.


Nothing about wage cuts or pension changes (not sure they offer pensions anyway).

If you’re a coal miner and not seeking a new line of work, or at least preparing for it, you’re an idiot.