Another Coal Company Bankrupt


One of the oldest coal companies in the U.S. filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday to deal with more than $1.4 billion in debt amid declining demand for the fuel.

Englewood, Colorado-based Westmoreland Coal Co. filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Houston as part of a restructuring agreement with an unnamed group of lenders.

Guess who going to take the hit?

Workers and pensioners.


Don’t expect any liberals to cry. Coal is evil, and ■■■■ the coal miner.


I’m sure Daddy Trump will bail them out.


Case in point.


Even conservatives urged them to retrain. They have been refusing retraining saying they voted for Trump to bring things back.


Should we be giving preferential treatment to coal miners or something?


Like you cons say “get a better job”.


Companies go out of business all the time, should I feel more sad about this then Toy R Us?


If your doctor says you need to lose weight and exercise or you will die soon should he cry when you die early because you ignore him?


toys r us jus coming back.


Liberals are responsible for coal not being in demand?


Coal is actually a dying industry. I’d say young kids in school today will force it out within the next 80-100 years (with a slow and painful decline).


I’m not going to blame Donald Trump for Obama era policies. However, I will blame the Democrats in Congress for not working with the majority party to enact job saving policies.


For use here, sure, but it’s a global commodity. The IEA is forecasting 3% global growth out to 2022.


Not sure about that. It looks like they’re projecting stagnation with about a decade of little to no growth.


Is that 3% a year or 3% between now and 2022? 3% between now and 2022 is barely cranking up currant output.



Capitalism, baby! Right?


Now those are some great jobs I bet.


Developing countries will most likely be able to skip the fossil fuel phase of economic growth and jump straight to renewables with a large international investment. It’s entirely possible that most fossil fuel industries will die rapidly, relative to what we might expect, because of the decline price of renewables.


Why shoud we be saving jobs that frankly need to be phased out anyway?

For better or worse, coal is eventually going to go away, and then what? I guess because it won’t be during our lifetimes, we should just keep on keeping on, right?