Another brilliant move

By the greatest deal make ever!!!

Now our companies are subject to the whims of a Mexican court.

Did you read the article?

It actually was smart. Why should a company operating in Mexico be exempt from Mexican law?

Maybe now companies will move their operations back to America where they won’t be subject to Mexico’s courts, which are notorious for corruption.

Yes 10 Char

Did you read the article?

Good idea.

Yes. It was brilliant.

The SEC and DOJ, the same people who enforce it under every other administration.

US companies and their “investors” want to exploit cheap labor? Fine, assume the risk.


You can operate in this environment where we have protections and put citizens in those jobs.


US Courts are not subject to whims of any administration, remember?

Look up Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

“Fair Trade” would include a fair grievance process, correct?

In Mexico. Not Brussels.

The companies were winning anyway, it’s in the article.

The local Mexican partner, required by mex law, does the bribing and has been since NAFTA began. So what’s new?

Sounds like New Jersey.

The more I think about it, the more I agree with AZ - brilliant move.

Bribes were a factored in cost of doing business.

US companies don’t pay bribes, it’s against the law.

French companies can deduct bribes on corporate taxes.

US companies, in mexico, pay bribes thru various monies paid to their local partner. Don’t be naïve.