Another Attempted Assault by the Authoritarian Party - Formerly GOP

If Sen. Lindsey Graham gets his way, the federal government will launch another attack on online privacy. The South Carolina Republican will ask lawmakers to give Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice unchecked access to all of your messaging, file-sharing, and video-sharing tools. That is bad news for just about everyone and a nightmare for those who value digital privacy.

So what’s the point?

It seems the point is simply to give unchecked power to the attorney general and allow the federal government to impose other de facto mandates that could never get through Congress as stand-alone legislation.

It continues to astonish me how the ideological shift has fully completed within the GOP. After having elected arguably the most authoritarian person to ever hold the office of the Presidency, now one of his most fervent and unapologetic surrogates in the Senate is promoting legislation that would further erode our privacy and empower the AG and DOJ even more than they already are.

Welcome to the new GOP under Trump. Authoritarianism is now en-vogue. Cheers or jeers? What say you?



I keep being told it is the liberals that are the Authoritarians.


Wasn’t surprised to read that it also has to do with Barr’s whining about not being able to force companies (Apple) to unlock devices for law enforcement.

Cue the “well if you’ve got nothing bad on your device you’ve got nothing to worry about” crowd.


Projection. Always the projection.

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Lindsey Graham is the scummiest Senator


Barr is nothing if not a proponent of authoritarianism and government control and power over everyone else. He is another reason, in an ever-growing list of reasons, why Trump is the most authoritarian President to ever hold the office.

he is a whore


Second most authoritarian.

He still has not passed the tyrant Lincoln on that list. :smile:

When Trump/Barr begin outright shutting down newspapers/internet sites and arresting Congressmen, then they will make #1. :smile:


Fair point brother!

2nd most tyrant behind Lincoln, 2nd worst president behind Buchanan…always the bridesmaid never the bride

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In before

*3rd impeached president in history.

All this just to find the identity of a fake cow that gets under Nunes skin :wink:

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How many were removed from office?

3rd. The dude that locked up the Japanese.

4th. The dude that committed extra-judicial murder of two US citizens. And forced us to pay a fine for not buying a commercial product.


Sounds like china…

Oh good. A modern day Clipper chip. This should go well.

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That would be an idiotic argument completely ignoring history.

This proposed law sounds bad in the article. If the article is accurate, I wholeheartedly oppose it. Be interesting to see what it actually looks like.

I noticed that you didn’t address the subject of the op…

I oppose the crap mentioned in the OP.

However, that ship sailed a long time ago.

I personally use privately provided military grade encryption.

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