Another African Islamist Terrorist Attack against Christians and Failed one in the USA

So it was noted that Islamic terrorists in the past month massacred many in Nigeria, most recently almost 300 Christians slaughtered in Sri Lanka. A new one in Burkina Faso just happened, 5 people in a Protestant Church, including a Pastor and two sons. This needs to be acknowledged and condemned.

At least five people have been shot dead — including a pastor and his sons — in an attack on a church in Africa, according to security sources.

The gunmen struck during Sunday service at a Protestant church in Silgadji, Burkina Faso, close to the border with Mali, according to Agence France-Presse.

They arrived on motorbikes and killed Pastor Pierre Ouedraogo, two of his sons and three other worshippers, the BBC reported.

“Unidentified armed individuals have attacked the Protestant church in Silgadji killing four members of the congregation and the pastor. At least two other people are missing,” a security source told AFP.

The attack comes amid an uptick in alleged jihadist violence in the country.

A Catholic priest was kidnapped a month ago and at least five teachers were shot dead last week in the east of the country, the BBC said.

Also in the US a veteran converted to Islam, a Hispanic American wanted to kill White Nationalists but thwarted by cops.

A veteran of the war in Afghanistan was arrested Friday and accused of plotting to attack a scheduled white nationalist rally over the weekend in Long Beach, Calif., federal investigators say.

Mark Steven Domingo, 26, faces one count of providing and attempting to provide material support to terrorists, according to a federal complaint unsealed Monday.

Prosecutors say Domingo made online posts that “expressed support for violent jihad, a desire to seek retribution for attacks against Muslims, and a willingness to become a martyr.” Authorities added that after Domingo considered attacks targeting “Jews, churches and police officers,” he decided to detonate an improvised explosive device at the Long Beach rally, which police said was called off Sunday morning….

The affidavit also alleges that Domingo posted an online video on March 2 professing his belief in Islam. The following day, he posted on an unnamed social media network that “america needs another vegas event … to kick off civil unrest,” a reference to the October 2017 mass shooting at a country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip. Domingo allegedly wrote that such an event would be “about weakening america [and] giving them a taste of the terror they gladly spread all over the world…”

Days later, after a white supremacist killed 50 people in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, Domingo posted “there must be retribution.” After that, prosecutors say the FBI source began chatting with Domingo about his plans.

Domingo said he had an assault rifle and semi-automatic rifle and discussed possible jihad attacks targeting Jews walking to synagogue, churches, police officers or a military base, according to investigators. He also allegedly discussed bombing the Santa Monica Pier and launching further attacks on the Port of Long Beach or a train if he survived his planned attack in the city’s Bluff Park.

An FBI SWAT team arrested Domingo Friday after he was given the pressure cookers and surveyed the park site. The FBI source had connected him with a ppurported bomb maker who was actually an undercover police officer and the resulting contraption contained only inert materials.

Jihadist wanted to slaughter those in synagogues and churches and wanted to recreate Las Vegas massacre. Sickening home grown terrorist.

I detest all homegrown terrorists, doesn’t matter wheter they’re Islamic or Christian extremists. They are all worse than pond scum

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I guess I accidentally put this in the ‘Outside the Beltway’ instead of Politics? , I don’t know why I would have done that, but oh well.

A converted radical islamist wanted to kill white nationalists?


Now that would be an interesting paradigm.

And of course the lib mob Deep State media refuses to discuss the murder and persecution of Christians, history’s most oppressed group. No other group has had to face such hatred.

He did more than that, he wanted to mass kill people, wanted another Vegas, also wanted to kill Jews and Christians.

Having fun mocking Christians getting slaughtered not only in the Middle East, but throughout Africa, and attempting to do so even the US? I’d say Jews get it quite a bit too, both from White Supremacists and Radical Islamists as well.

So hes a crazy dude with no moral compass. I imagine at this time you would like to conclude that he represents everyone within a particular religion. Go ahead, ill wait, i already know what is coming next.

Jews have faced their share of persecution sure, but historically no group has suffered the way Christians have. They are truly pariahs in this evil world, protected only by God himself and the champions He sends to defend them. Champions like Donald, a beacon of moral fortitude in a lost world.

Doesn’t represent everybody within a particular religion, a small but significant slice of that religion with some of the rest tolerating it, which is why Pakistan tolerated and hid Bin Laden. The worst is ISIS, which inspired this guy. Omar asked for leniency for a guy who was inspired by ISIS. But leftists who jump to criticize White supremacists who attempt to kill Jews and Muslims, say little about massacres or attempted massacres of Christians and Jews when done by radical Islamists.

The way to belittle and overlook serious events is to create straw men. (This is my mistaken reading of you, my bad)

Is it a straw man to recognize that Christians are horribly oppressed and persecuted the world over, nowhere more than in the United States? These terror attacks abroad against the faithful are just a glimpse of the terror that would be unleashed here in America if Democrats ever regain power. Just look at the way libs mock and marginalize believers, especially in Hollywood.

Even if you won’t acknowledge this truth at least Donald understands the plight of American Christians and works tirelessly to protect the faith.

I’ll say it, if the “Fake News” hasn’t already.

This only happened because of White Republicans, because they’re Racist.
But more than anything it’s probably Trumps fault.

Anything negative that happens on this Earth is always Trumps fault, no matter
what!!! lmao!!!

That’s Liberal Logic 101. lol.

Sorry I think I misread you, thinking you were a liberal, now I just read you on another thread, I see you are conservative and agree with me. Of course I acknowledged this truth, that is why I started this thread. The persecution, and killing of Christians is across the world.

Donald Trump is a very flawed person, I don’t like his arrogance, and has many faults but he is doing his best. The terror is across the world, including the US. He is to my surprise protecting the faith, even here in the US. He worked just recently so hospital workers are not forced to provide abortions.

’ They are truly pariahs in this evil world, protected only by God himself and the champions He sends to defend them. Champions like Donald, a beacon of moral fortitude in a lost world.’

This is the part I thought you were mocking the whole thing. Saying Mr. Trump is a beacon of moral fortitude didn’t come off as serious, because he is arrogant, has a bad history of adultery, all that stuff, which is against the ideals of Christianity. His life has not been a beacon of moral fortitude, but I think that you are right, in the sense, from the office, he has been helpful to Christians and has been for protecting religious liberty. In that sense, from the office he has been strong in this area. (Everything else you have said in this thread, I think we agree on.)

Donald is out Most Holy Crusader, with no thought to himself but only to the salvation of western civilization and Christendom as a whole. Yes he is a flawed man, but what man isn’t? Besides whatabout Hillary and Hussein Obama? What is Donald’s petty sins against their Great Evil? Liberalism, socialism, feminism, homosexuality and moral deviance - the left fights on the side of Lucifer! And this battle is greater than just worldly powers - it rages in other dimensions.

Our Holy Crusader was sent to us from God. He brings salvation and freeberty with him.

Mental ill, lone wolf, nothing to see here.

Hard for me to read you, cause I see you mocking him right here and in another thread. He is not a Holy Crusader. He is anything but a Holy Crusader. He supports homosexual marriage, and using the term ‘crusader’. No thought to himself, yea, he thinks a lot about himself.

Don’t let lib logic cloud your thinking. Donald is flawed but he is the Holy Warrior of God.

Democrat Politicians love Islamic Theorists. It’s more votes for them.

It’s racist if you don’t want them to Terrorize America. lol