Anonymous letter from Berkeley history professor rips BLM narrative

It’s easier to shoot the messenger than the message.

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The second guy already kicked their ass for doing it once, cost them like a million bucks including his legal fees.

The why make an article about it? This “letter” reads as if Candace Owens wrote it. Her ideas have already been trashed, so the only difference between the 2 is one claims to be a professor at Berkeley and the other is a talking head.


The message is Candace Owens message. It’s already been shot down.

Nobody can say who the messenger is. It’s not like only Berkeley professors can write and anyone can claim to be one anonymously.

It shouldn’t affect the strength of my argument above, but for the record, I write as a person of color . My family have been personally victimized by men like Floyd. We are aware of the condescending depredations of the Democrat party against our race. The humiliating assumption that we are too stupid to do STEM , that we need special help and lower requirements to get ahead in life, is richly familiar to us. I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to deal with open fascists, who at least would be straightforward in calling me a subhuman, and who are unlikely to share my race.

Well, by people like you. :man_shrugging:

Does it always upset you when someone agrees with you, or just when it’s me.

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Why is it trash?

Looks well considered to me.


interesting. i suspected this would not bode well for dems. of course back then the nation wasnt full of anti-american leftwits. regardless i still all this is part of some strategy.

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And yet they appear to be coming back for more.

Given the history of mob violence in Berkeley, I think that a professor who openly posted the letter would have a legitimate fear of violent attack. That may not be the case an UNC.

How so?

Diversity of ideas is a good thing.

I guess it is when its obviously propaganda.

I actually found another History professor who is black at Berkeley. Waldo Martin…

He wrote authored publications such as

The Mind of Fredrick Douglass
The Making of Black America
Brown v Board of Education
Be real black for me: Representation, authenticity, and the cultural politics of Black Power

Yea… he didn’t write it.

There are only 2 “People of Color” in the history sept at Berkeley. Both black. Everyone else… white.

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It doesn’t matter.

This is a well written treatise.

I am certain that if my name were attached to this email, I would lose my job and all future jobs, even though I believe in and can justify every word I type.

This is the problem I have with the leftist narrative, I support their right to protest but detest and loathe the fact they are making it to were any dissenting view is unacceptable. Free speech must be absolute, and he shouldn’t have to send the letter as anonymous to avoid being fired for breaking with hive thinking.

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i dont blame him

but i bet the media will find out who

you know, its their job as journalists to root stuff like this out

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By literally the majority in the black community. Candace Owens is a joke, but she is smart enough to take advantage of her audience. I’ll give her that. Can’t knock the hustle.

Anywho… A professor black history professor at Berkeley didn’t write this.

This person doesn’t exist, so it doesn’t matter

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