Anonymous letter from Berkeley history professor rips BLM narrative

An anonymous letter apparently from a Berkeley history professor and addressed to university criticizes the BLM narrative and the lack of academic freedom for people who disagree with the party line. The author claims to be a person of color and echoes some of the same themes from Candace Owens. A friend of the author posted it on twitter.

Here are a few excerpts:

The explanation provided in your documentation, to the near exclusion of all others, is univariate: the problems of the black community are caused by whites, or, when whites are not physically present, by the infiltration of white supremacy and white systemic racism into American brains, souls, and institutions.

. . . I see my department uncritically reproducing a narrative that diminishes black agency in favor of a white-centric explanation that appeals to the department’s apparent desire to shoulder the ‘white man’s burden’ and to promote a narrative of white guilt . If we claim that the criminal justice system is white-supremacist, why is it that Asian Americans, Indian Americans, and Nigerian Americans are incarcerated at vastly lower rates than white Americans? This is a funny sort of white supremacy.

. . .I am certain that if my name were attached to this email, I would lose my job and all future jobs, even though I believe in and can justify every word I type.

. . .The vast majority of violence visited on the black community is committed by black people . There are virtually no marches for these invisible victims, no public silences, no heartfelt letters from the UC regents, deans, and departmental heads. The message is clear: Black lives only matter when whites take them.

. . .MLK would likely be called an Uncle Tom if he spoke on our campus today .

. . .the regents of UC and the historians of the UCB History department are celebrating this violent criminal, elevating his name to virtual sainthood . A man who hurt women. A man who hurt black women. With the full collaboration of the UCB history department, corporate America, most mainstream media outlets, and some of the wealthiest and most privileged opinion-shaping elites of the USA, he has become a culture hero, buried in a golden casket, his (recognized) family showered with gifts and praise . Americans are being socially pressured into kneeling for this violent, abusive misogynist

. . .It shouldn’t affect the strength of my argument above, but for the record, I write as a person of color . My family have been personally victimized by men like Floyd. We are aware of the condescending depredations of the Democrat party against our race.

. . .The ever-present soft bigotry of low expectations and the permanent claim that the solutions to the plight of my people rest exclusively on the goodwill of whites rather than on our own hard work is psychologically devastating . No other group in America is systematically demoralized in this way by its alleged allies. A whole generation of black children are being taught that only by begging and weeping and screaming will they get handouts from guilt-ridden whites.

What has happened to the ideals of academic freedom when alternative opinions are silenced and have to be posted anonymously to avoid reprisals?

I remember when Democrats would go on about the evils of black listing of members of the Communist Party back in the McCarthy era. Now even bringing up inconvenient facts are grounds for dismissal, and registering as a Republican is a ridiculous risk if you value your career.

I think that the author has some points worth considering. What do you think?

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well it’s nice to see some people get it

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Must not have tenure. But you know it will be dismissed because it is anonymous.

unfortunately only about 2/3 of inner city blacks will even be able to understand this assuming they will even try


what do you mean.

well did you read it? college level language.

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Yes, Democrats are approaching hysteria found during the Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Any deviation from the party line will not be tolerated.

Consider this news about liberal analyst David Shor who was fired for citing a study showing that violent protests helped Nixon in 1968, but non-violent protest helped Democrats.

In another case Lee Fang, a liberal reporter with the Intercept, was forced to issue a lengthy apology for posting comments from a participant at a BLM protest. “One of his interview subjects, a young African-American Black Lives Matter supporter, told Fang he wished the movement devoted more attention to non-police violence faced by minorities in his community.”

Anything approaching objective consideration of facts and news reporting is banned in today’s cancel culture found with Democrats. When will they open re-education camps?

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Ok, then you aren’t really THAT anonymous. Are you?

How many Berkley History professors are black?

By the way this is a gem…

Could it be they aren’t targeted the same way?

Huh?! He/She is basically equating MLK to Candace. Please stop

Being anonymous it doesn’t carry any more weight than if I wrote it. It should be judged on its merit, not on an unproven provenance.


There is 1 History professor that is black at Berkeley. Feel free to visit their faculty page and look at the “Dept of History”.

Tabitha Kanogo

Teaches child endangerment in colonial and contemporary Africa.

I doubt she wrote this trash letter

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The article is using the “professor at Berkeley” status to bolster the credibility of the claim. So it is fair to question the source.


As white Americans?

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But he has to say it anonymously. He knows the risks if he is outed.

I about figured.


Yes, that is likely.

On the other hand, even tenured professors can be fired if they violate the party line too far. Consider this case from Canada:

A tenured UNC professor is facing severe pressure from the administration about his recent comments about the lockdown and other topics:

Lol so easy to punk em.

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If I were a professor at Berekely and said this, I’d do it anonymously too…if I wanted to keep my job…amirite? :sunglasses:

Where does the letter say that the author is black?

It just says “person of color”.

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Of course. With no evidence as to provenance the source can be discounted. It carries no weight.