‘ANIMAL’ RIGHTS: Southern Poverty Law Center SLAMS Trump’s MS-13 Remarks | Sean Hannity

The Southern Poverty Law Center slammed the Trump administration’s use of the term ‘animals’ when describing violent MS-13 gang members this week; saying it was “unacceptable” to use the “racist” and “dehumanizing language.”

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And yet the use of the F word every other word when communication challenged libs address conservatives is evidently perfectly acceptable to the corrupt and evil SPLC.

Every day when that word is used another flyover mid America apolitical voter turns rabid republican.

Gotta say. As a fledgling comment yakker here Hannity’s posts are el mucho refreshing. I have NO idea if Hannity is actually venting here or if it’s a ghost writer. Regardless he employs the thing my home for years ToBlazes never did. Beck bragged early on that he never went near his namesake website comments. And he didn’t.

Me and the former comment yakkers never understood that.

The SPLC is a fount of flapdoodlery.

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Mx. dyne is rewarded with an UPVOTE for his common sense commentary and superb use of the engrish langerege! Harrumph!

Wow … I got an harrumph from that guy.

Another of those words we just don’t get to use enough in our day to day lives.

Ps: definitely “Mr.”

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I didn’t even have to watch your phoney baloney vid Mr. dyne. It’s one of the best primers on politicians ever made. And about the mx thing… well…ya never know. Ha! UPVOTE!