‘ANIMAL’ RIGHTS? Polls Show Americans SIDE with TRUMP on MS-13 | Sean Hannity

A new poll conducted after the President’s fiery rhetoric towards violent gang members show the majority of Americans side with Trump’s remarks; saying it’s “fair” to describe MS-13 members as “animals.”

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They are human beings.



In the broadest sense of the word human.

They are scumbags.

Human scumbags. There are plenty out there. MS13, of course included. Terrorists, More human scum. ISIS. Yet more scum. Kim yong un.


Yet another scumbag who is human. The world is lousy with them.


If Shoomerclown’s ancestors weren’t gang bangers, woman rapers, terrorists, and bottom feeding criminal mutilating killers, then I’d prolly back his play. Assuming they were good people they would be appalled at their lack of success in passing down their genetic material.