Andrew McCabe: 25th Amendment was discussed by Justice Department to remove Trump from office


Their reasons were bogus and he did not violate the Tenure of Office Act.

Stanton had been appointed by Lincoln and his protection was limited to a month after a new President took office. Stanton had served long past one month into Jonhson’s term (corrected to get the actual facts correct- I had misremembered the terms of the Tenure of Office Act).



Well then you and I don’t have anything to talk about then.


Yes, he did. But you have a nice evening.

Just say no to sedition.


It’s not and never ever will be. Read the 25th amendment.


“Talking about using the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution” = conspiracy
“Meeting with agents of a hostile government, hoping to get their aid in influencing an American election” = not conspiracy

That about right, Conan?


That first sentence could apply to Don Jr. and his tower meeting. Minus the ‘official’ of course. I’d replace that with “campaign”.


“Just say no to sedition.”

McCabe and Rosenstein did.


Hard to believe that people who swear by and to uphold and protect the constitution, use it to support their stupid conspiracy theories. Ridiculousness.


No problems at the FBI and DOJ where have you been.
The IG said that the texts between Stzok and Page cast a shadow over the integrity of the Clinton email probe. Five unnamed FBI employees including one lawyer who later worked on the Mueller investigation are under scrutiny for anti-Trump bias. Investigators did not give a good reason for not pursuing laptop and cell phones belonging to Clinton senior aides. That despite Clinton connections with assistant attorney general peter kadzik and former deputy director mccabe they didn’t recuse themselves. Comey repeatedly violated policy and inaccurately described the legal situation about Clintons email. That Loretta lynch made errors in judgement during the Clinton probe. That the FBI agents actions during the DOJ/FBI interview of Clinton were inappropriate and gave the appearance of bias.
Trump’s supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS that think he will magically grant them jobs for nothing. They probably didn’t watch the debates, aren’t fully educated on his policies, and are stupidly wrapped up in his unmerited enthusiasm. This was one of the text by the 5 unnamed FBI agents. No bias, no political agenda that’s a laugh. Couple that with Page and Stzok emails and there is plenty of evidence that there were real problems at the FBI and DOJ.


There’s a certain irony in this part of the IG report:

" It also called into question Strzok’s failure in October 2016 to follow up on the Midyear-related investigative lead discovered on the Weiner laptop. "

However, by delaying the laptop because Strzok wanted to get into the Russia probe, Strzoks actions led to the Comey letter that broke the momentum for Hillary…which may even have cost her the election and made Trump President.


Funny. Fake media didn’t care when Stzok investigated Hillary’s emails. Fake media didn’t care when he led the Russia probe. Fake media didn’t care when there were FBI agents against Hillary. The only time fake media lost its cool was when the anti-Trump texts were revealed. Which he had every right to send.

At least be consistent. Why didn’t fake media complain about anti-Hillary bias? Wonder why…


Victimhood, stem to stern.


The idea of a new civil war has been republican porn on this board for years, but discussing the invoking the 25th is a bridge too far. Hilarious.


How EXACTLY have you determined that the President is unable to be president; that he is in any way incapacitated? How is he “unstable”?

If we’re going by successes of policy, he is one of the most stable presidents we have had in living memory.

That you don’t like or even HATE his policies or his manner is NOT proof that he is unable to hold the office.

The 25th was written to replace a president that was incapacitated. It also reiterates that when a president is removed from office - for whatever reason - he is to be replaced in an order of succession.

But you cannot remove him with the 25th just because you say he is incabale of continuing in office.

If a cabinet and / or a Congress tried to remove a president who was not provably unable to hold office by incapacitation or was not provably insane, there would be a civil war, and with good reason. Millions of Americans will want to know what he did that proved he was incapacitated or insane or somehow unable to continue in office.

What would be the answer to them?

If you want to remove a president for what you believe to be cause, you have to impeach him or her. The 25th is not the vehicle for that.



He got two, count 'em, two major pieces of legislation passed in two years, with control of both houses of Congress.

He blew up a lot of regulations, I’ll give him that. Especially ones to protect the environment.

Well, you’re right. I can’t remove him from office with the 25th. But the VP, with help from the cabinet can. With help from Congress, if needed, they can toss him for good. Impeachment not required. He doesn’t even have to be sick! Or crazy! THEY JUST HAVE TO DECLARE HIM “UNABLE TO DISCHARGE THE POWERS AND DUTIES OF HIS OFFICE”! ISNT THAT COOL!



Great Republican slogan.


There we go.

But your making a pretty good case for him being able to fulfill the duties of the office.


He’s not in control of the government.


I stayed out of this conversation for a long time because I wanted to form a cogent opinion. But my two cents for what they are worth is this. The optics of people in the executive branch discussing the removal of the President are horrible. I don’t think it’s sedition. That’s emotional nonsense BUT the fact that this was discussed based on dislike for the President and his tactics is highly inappropriate.


Then why are they lying?