Andrew McCabe: 25th Amendment was discussed by Justice Department to remove Trump from office


Great…now let’s investigate their actions and examine if they were illegal and whether or not they should be criminally charged?


It isnt sedition, treason, or entrapment. Suggestions like this have happened before.


But there’s no evidence they did anything illegal at all. Politically driven prosecutions would degrade our institutions. Who benefits from that other than the criminally corrupt? Ask yourself the motivations of the people who are feeding you this information.


Ahhhhh…I love the sound bleating first thing in the morning.


There’s nothing to investigate. Unless we just want Big Brother monitoring every single breath we take…if that’s what you’re shooting for then just say it.

Trump supporter desire for this to be something treacherous and nefarious and illegal does not warrant an investigation


Right? The sound of trump sheople pretending there was an illegal conspiracy here when there was not is baaaaah baaaaaaah baaaaaaaahd.


You’re confused with Russian collusion.


No there’s definitely no confusion. Discussing the possibility of invoking a constitutional amendment is not illegal.

This thread is about McCabe and the 25th Amendment, so it appears you are the one confused by bringing up the Russia investigation when I have not said anything about it.

Deflecting to Russia investigation is a common tactic of Trump sheople.


Maybe you’re right. I’m sure Flynn is going to have that plea deal revoked any minute now and he’ll totally exonerated.


A lot depends now on Barr and just how much he intends to bring to the light of day?


I hope he brings it all to the light of day.

Right now we know that Flynn was secretly working for two separate outside interests while serving as National Security Advisor.

I wonder if there is more.


I think that’s the problem. You claim to want an investigation when what you really want is an outcome.

When the investigation doesn’t give the outcome you want, you want another investigation into the investigation to get the outcome of want. Who knows what will happen when that investigation doesn’t give you the outcome you want.


I agree. Equal justice under the law is now in the hands of the man who supported pardons for the Iran-contra criminals.

Annnd… we’re screwed.


There’s a flaw in your thinking…as usual.

Hint…it’s called Begging the Question.


That’s generally what Trump supporters want.

They don’t care about the means-as long as they get the “ends” they demand

I’ve long stood firm that I will accept Mueller’s findings regardless of what they say. I said the same thing about both FBI looks into Hillary’s e-mails and a number of other investigations.

Trump’s talk of lawsuits, investigations, LOCK HER UP, TREASON has convinced his supporters that these things will actually happened, when it’s quite clear he never has any intention of following through. He knows this, his supporters “know” this, yet they continually act like something is there. If something were there, Trump/his DOJ/his friendly GOP senate would be investigating all these things, suits would be filed, etc.

The sheople are happy just to hear their shepherd’s soothing voice telling them everyone else is the deep state and only he can protect them.


There may be some truth to that but more accurately IMO…I’ve not seen what I believe has been an honest investigation. When it’s claimed that it was, then extreme bias gets exposed at the top levels of government agencies that should NEVER be political. I saw it over two years ago and I’m still waiting for what I believe I saw, to be brought to light, without bias. The longer all of this goes on, the more evidence gets exposed confirming my suspicions and the more I see scrambling at the top, to cover their corrupt butts.


Of course you haven’t seen what you believe is an honest investigation.

Because you have presupposed what the outcome of an “honest investigation” will be.

And your expectations of people’s biases are unrealistic, as well as your holding to this idea that these people can’t both hold these biases and yet do their work as objectively as possible.

You also discount the processes that are in place specifically for the reason that we know everyone has biases…thus the processes protect from one person in an investigation from having too much power.

You think all these things because of the media YOU choose to consume…such media “backs you up”.

But what it really comes down to is you think Hillary SHOULD be locked up…therefore any investigation that doesn’t conclude Hillary should be charged with crimes MUST be dishonest.

You start with your conclusion and look only for evidence which seems to support what you have already concluded.


I think you have confirmation bias. You only consiser the evidence that confirms your bias.

You ignore the many, many people working on the investigations while focusing on the one or two who have strongly held opinions, without acknowledging that the small number of potentially biased invidiuals could not have even come close to affecting the outcome of any investigation.

You further ignore the IG report indicating that the investigation into Clinton was done properly and the outcome was the right one.

When you ignore all contradictory evidence, don’t be surprised when the outcomes aren’t what you expect. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s your bias.


I’m not going to jump in and claim that just discussing the 25th amendment is some form of sedition. We need to do just what Senator Graham has said he wants to do. Bring McCabe and Rosenstein, the people involved, before a Senate committee and find out exactly what happened and why it happened.
Rosenstein says he never went after a 25th amendment remedy and was never for recording the President, as McCabe has claimed. FBI chief attorney Baker says that McCabe and Page told him that Rosenstein said that there were two cabinet members who were ready to state that Trump was incapacitated. So…was there ever even a serious discussion of the 25th amendment or is this whole thing a lie and a ploy by McCabe?
And if McCabe is telling the truth, who are those cabinet members and what information did they have to support a claim of incapacitation? If the President is incapacitated then they need to provide that information. Don’t you think that is an important thing to know?
And, of course, if McCabe and his group of Page and Strzok have been lying to people in the FBI in order to push his anti Trump investigations and pro Hillary investigations…we need to know that too.


I support this.

I would also love to know which two cabinet members agreed.

It would be glorious for everyone to know that.