Andrew McCabe: 25th Amendment was discussed by Justice Department to remove Trump from office


The only times the 25th has been invoked was for illness and that was section 3.

Each and every time the reason was given.

Was Trump too sick to perform his duties? Was he undergoing a medical procedure? How was he unable to perform his duties?

He wasn’t. The seditionists just didn’t like the result.

They are traitors.


No it doesn’t.

If it does it should be easy to point it out.


No they’re not.


Good question.

I wonder if anyone on the left will give you honest answer. :thinking:


Those are questions that Congress decides in a 2/3rds vote of both houses.

The Vice President and the cabinet are not required by the Constitution to provide a “why” when they are invoking the 25th… they just send a letter.


Of course it does. If it didn’t, every VP would just do it.


Then why are they lying about it?


No it doesn’t.

And every VP doesn’t do it because the President can simply send a letter and say “Nuh-uh” and regain power.


Consider actually addressing what the 25th amendment actually says for once. It will make for a more valid discussion of the facts, and will leave out the personal biases.



But you have a nice day. The seditionists won’t be.


You worry about your posts and I’ll take care of mine.

Funny, you talking about bias.


No… it is right. It is right there in section 4 of the 25th amendment.

In plain English.

If it isn’t… then it should be really easy to point it out.


What have I said here that is biased? I’ve simply cited what the 25th SAYS, not what I want it to say. That’s what you are doing.


No, it isn’t. McCabe and Rosenstein are seditionists and traitors.


Yes it is.

Calling them seditionists is rather silly.


No, it’s the truth.


In your opinion, not according to the text of the 25th.


You can keep saying it.

No one is buying it.

Just like no one is buying your interpretation of the 25th amendment


I’m not selling anything. Just stating a simple truth.


Yes it is.