Andrew Luck Retiring

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck had informed the team that he will retire at the age of 29 years old.


Injuries that will never go away will do that to you.

The average career length of an NFL quarterback who has actually started at least one regular season game is 6 years. So he beat the average.

The Tom Brady’s of the world are the very rare exception.

Tony Romo hung around too long. He is going to have a horrid later life, getting beat to **** as he did.

Luck is doing the right thing. Get out while your still in one piece.

People can be such ■■■■■■■■■

“It hurt,” Luck said about the boos. “I’ll be honest, it hurt.”


Holy ■■■■

Pretty crappy farewell for a QB that followed Manning and still led the team to a great deal of success.

Some drunk fans were pissed and started booing . Seems like such an insignificant part of this story, just saying…

Romo did not. As a Cowboys fan I can tell you that his injuries were not a result of him not retiring earlier, they were a result of his reckless behavior on the field. As opposed to Luck, where it was his poor OL that led him to an early retirement. At least on three separate occasions I was cursing at the screen after a Romo injury. They didn’t have to happen. We don’t see Brady playing reckless.

I wish Luck well. Who knows, in a few years he might make a comeback.

It’s not regular people but die hard fans who see the season going up in smoke.

Hell if Sam darnold told me , I am quitting on my team. Hell I would boo too.

It’s not all about the player but the team.


Like Pat McAffee said - just some raw emotion from people who just saw their dreams evaporate at snap of a finger. I was driving and looked down at my GPS on my phone when I saw the notification, was unbelievably shocked. Still am.

No, this isn’t true at all. Luck scrambled quite a bit and never slid or ran out of bounds. He always fought for that extra yard, which in one way, is admirable. I know my team (Jaguars) alone has put some punishing hits on him and quite a few were beyond the LOS.

I’ve said it since he came into the league, that if he didn’t start conceding on his scrambles, he’ll scramble himself out of the league. I was right for once.

Maybe Luck just watched the replay of the Jaguars/Dolphins preseason game on NFL Network on saw the rookie one man wrecking crew named Josh Allen and said “Nope, ■■■■ this, I’m out!!”

It’s both. His line was piss poor until last year. Ironically, our new GM has finally built a line that protected him admirably last year.

Ok. I thought it was just his line. Then again, I don’t watch every Colts game like I watch Cowboys games. But yeah, QBs that take a lot of punishment don’t last long in this league.

His timing is unfortunate. But he didn’t quit on the team, he retired. That’s what players do when something out weighs their desire to play the game.

Maybe this payback to Colts fans for giving the world Mike Pence.

Ideally, he should have done this before the pre-season started. His timing screwed the Colts. (Or perhaps bailed them out, this way they have a ready made excuse for their season.)

And, it is good to see a star QB whose common sense is stronger than his ego (c.f. Farve)

Agree entirely. But you have to think he was toying around with this idea for some time now. We just got the news, but the Colts organization may have been aware for some time now. The guy has to be suffering because the Colts have a great shot at the division and who knows what else? He decided to retire, good for him.