Andrew Giuliani says he plans to run for New York governor in 22

Well, this helps to explain all the sudden complaints by women about Cuomo. Straight out of Rudy’s playbook.

I am more interested in Andrew Yang running, I think he would be a solid choice.

So the guy who had the job of getting hamburgers for the sports teams who visited the White House wants to be Governor.

That tracks.

Also… I think that the political trouble that Cuomo is in is of his own making and I don’t think that Rudy had anything to do with it.

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The nursing home stuff, I totally agree. The timing on the women’s complaints, and their relative mildness - I am suspicious.

Also- maybe 5 years ago the name 'Giuliani" might have had some cachet, but now, he’s a laughingstock.

Yang is still in the mayoral race- one of 40 who filed paperwork. It will be interesting to see what happens there.

I don’t buy conspiracy theories like this.

I think Cuomo did it to himself. Time to hold politicians accountable regardless of which side they are on.

The evidence that any of the allegations are true is very tenuous. Cuomo denies it.

Yes, but the theory that the women were all somehow put up to lying just so Giuliani’s kid could get elected is far fetched to me.

The nursing home stuff is what did it for me. I wasn’t that great of a fan of him to begin with and I will be understanding of tragic mistakes made at the beginning of a crises as long as the course is corrected… which he did.

But when it came out that they were hiding the numbers… ■■■■ him.

Yep. This is me as well.

Yeah, but I don’t know…the allegations fit the personality in my mind.

I know what you mean- seems like the kind of guy who says inappropriate things and gets too close, but (to me) not the kind of guy who sticks his hand up your skirt and then demotes you for not agreeing to it.

If it doesn’t work out, he can always try out for the part of Opie Taylor all grown up, if Mayberry ever returns to the air?

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From what I read, he didn’t hide the numbers so much as fudge them. If a nursing home patient died in the hospital they didn’t count it as a nursing home death. I sort of understand why, states were left to fend for themselves since the Trump administration decided to leave testing and care to the states. Blue states were hit first and it was a fact that the White House was intent on blaming anything bad that happened on Democratic ineptitude, negating the fact they should have been front and center.

In that light, he made the wrong call in an attempt to avoid scrutiny and derision from the oval office. But every death was counted. Was it the right thing to do? No. Not at all. But was it understandable given the circumstances? Somewhat. People were scrambling and overwhelmed, bad decisions were made.

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I understand that the deaths were counted and I understand why they wanted to show that count because of bad faith political attacks from the White House… but fudging the numbers on something like that is not good.

You have to be honest and let the politics plays out as they will.

I agree, but again, I understand why they did it.


I’m hoping Cuomo gets primaried, so New Yorkers don’t have to choose between lesser sons.

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He should have run before, his last name will win him no favour in NY anymore.

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Yep. Rudy contacted a bunch of Democrat loyalists and NY administrators and they said “sure, we’ll turn on Cuomo, cause…?”

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What are you talking about? Dem Loyalists? NY Administrators? WHAT?