And so it begins

He warned Democrats to “be careful what you wish for” and he added that impeachment “is tearing the nation apart. … And I want to bring people together.”

Is his seat at risk? In the Republican stronghold that is New Jersey?

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I don’t think his seat is at risk since NJ is now a lib enclave. But if it is at risk that tells me there are others that are at risk.

From what I’ve found his district is in South Jersey and is about 75% white. Not sure how long he has been there? Nonetheless I would assume he is doing what he feels works best for him politically.

What begins?

The same guy that voted against the inquiry is also going to vote against articles of impeachment?

Sounds like more of the same.


Aren’t there D & R House seats in every state? (Guess I could could Google that ■■■■■ )

That’s a safe bet, across the board.

The district went 50-46 for Trump in 2016 (although the district has historically gone for the Dem Presidential candidate- since 1992, only one other time did a GOP candidate win…George W. Bush by one point in 2004).

Frank Lobiondo, a Republican, held the seat from 1995-2019, when Van Drew took over.

Too risky for some Democrats, eh? When the first volunteer steps forward, the next 6 get a boost in confidence.


You mean like when they voted for the impeachment inquiry, and precisely two Democrats voted against?

One of whom was Van Drew?

Yeah the Dems came flocking after the first brave volunteer stepped up, didn’t they?


And so it begins.

Yeah, because they are the same thing.

That is it Republican will take the HOUSE and America will be saved in 2020.

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Good. I was hoping you’d chime in.

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I can’t stay away form you, just wanna give you a hug.

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Damn - you mean someone actually has the gall to vote contrary to party identity?

Yep - that’s literally the first time in the history of the US something like that has happened.

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And guess what… Trump will still be impeached. :joy:

You really got them now!

Well, his district did go for Trump in 2016.

I hate to defend New Jersery, in whatever demented way this is, but while it’s not the biggest state, it’s not that small either. It has regions.

North Jersey is a suburb of NYC.
Central Jersey is a suburb of Philly.
South Jersey is a lot of things I don’t understand.