And now for something completely different, Blood and Honey

The original A.A. Milne Winnie the Pooh books have gone into the public domain.


So if you see Winnie the Pooh on your local theater marquee in the near future…

Best you don’t take your kids.


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I assume Pooh Bear porn is already in the works.

This happened with the banana splits, a Hanna Barbara kids show from the 60’s. 2019 comes around and they make a horror film based on those characters.

So my wife, a teacher, has an autistic kid in her classroom, and asks me who are the banana splits. The kid draws and talks to them throughout class as if they were right there.

I look them up, and all I see is the horror version. We can’t believe for one the parents of this young kid are allowing him to watch this kind of stuff, and two, he has the capacity due to the autism to handle the violence and gore.

Of course, I finally find the original, and we realize it’s something his parents landed on that comforts him. The colors attract his eyes and the simple lessons direct his mind to stability. He’s very autistic, but functions well enough to participate in a regular classroom.