And now for some really good news

I am bored of this argument. Just wait till you are banned from expressing opinions.

On a privately owned forum? Again? :wink:

Yep. Hugely problematic. And censorship to boot but not government based.

Not really. That’s why boycotts were invented.

Facebook, Google, Youtube, et al can’t generate ad revenue if people stop using them.

Big Tech is not going to pretend they can be a utility and a publisher with those rights at the same time.

They’re not a utility. Utilities are called that because they provide something considered useful by the public for one thing. What does that have to do with anything anyway?

The cable company is a utility, but they can still turn off your tv if you don’t pay the bill.

Lol. No he isn’t.

If that is really how some feel. they should just move to China and be done with it.

He still has it, Keep it up, fatso.

Hey righties- argue among yourselves all you want . The die is cast, and Alex Jones will owe millions.

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Absolutely false.

He sure does get a stink raised any time someone sees his name. :rofl:

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Conservatives sure do get upset when they don’t have a right to spew defamatory conspiracies. First amendment and all that. Dominion says Hi!

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Here is Alex’s reply
Texas Judge Crucifies First Amendment In Alex Jones/Sandy Hook Case

Psst, he is still on youtube, just on other people’s shows instead of his own.

Alex Jones blamed “psychosis” for his Sandy Hook conspiracies. And that was in public under oath. How pathetic that anyone would actually pay money for his content.

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He’s an evil piece of crap

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If I were a Sandy Hook parent, I would have 3 words for him. Law Abiding Citizen.

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