And Another Ones Gone And Another Ones Gone

Ryan Zinke is out.

Hey, they’re gonna getch ya too, another one bites the dust!

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Leaving before the House starts to investigate him selling off public lands to his buddies.

Is he in Europe or something? How can he post at 2 in the afternoon when it’s only nine in the morning?

Anyhow, Zinke is TERRIBLE and if not for concern that he will be replaced by someone even worse I would say good riddance to bad rubbish.

Only the best.


Shows as 6:14am for me when I visit the link. Twitter shows your local time, so I’m not sure why the link says 2:14pm, except that it has to show something, and it would be different for each of us until we click the link.

Does that make sense. I think i might want another cup of coffee.

Um. I think so……………

The Trump administration seems to be having a fire sale on employees.

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That’s Greenwich Mean Time.

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Time stamps are stored in UTC (ie. GMT) and when twitter posts get embedded like that it’s checking the forum servers’ timezone setting (and servers are usually set to GMT).

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Administration officials concluded weeks ago that he ranked as the Cabinet member most vulnerable to congressional investigations once Democrats took control of Congress in January.

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Ryan Zinke will leave the government after two years of service. Ryan has made great achievements during his work. When he appeared on the first day of riding a horse, it showed that he was one of those people who did such things. I like him, I just do it. His ethical investigation into the ongoing pursuit of personal asset management transactions reminds me of someone, so this is a good thing.

He is said to have hired a military plane, participated in fund-raising events for Republicans in the Virgin Islands, and narrowed the boundaries of the Utah State Monument to help local Republican officials, but I asked if this was technically illegal. Even if it was, it does not matter much.

Finally, an organization led by his wife Zinke and Chairman Halliburton participated in the land deal in Zinke hometown, Whitefish, Montana, this is fake news.

Mary Kendall, acting inspector general at Interior, launched an investigation to find out whether Zinke was involved in the deal, whether the taxpayer had development resources and blocked Zinke from two Connecticut Indian tribes. The offer expands casinos due to political pressure and lobbying at MGM Resort. I will not listen to anything she said. She is a hater. I want to thank Zinke for serving our country. The Trump administration will announce a new interior minister next week.

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I’m wondering if Wilbur Ross will be following him out the door soon as well. He may be one of the most corrupt in this entire scandal-plagued administration.

Said it better than I could.