ANARCHY IN THE UK: See Hannity’s EXCLUSIVE Photos from INSIDE TRUMP Protest | Sean Hannity

Donald Trump traveled to the United Kingdom for the first time as President of the United States of America this week, sparking a fierce backlash from left-wing Londoners and their leader Mayor Sadiq Khan.

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#FAKENEWS its protesters from ALL walks of political life not just the left wing. I would advise getting a real journalist to report on this


The cattle wondering aimlessly in the field, as long as they are fed and do what they are told. Marx “useful idiots” paid by the likes of Soros and the Fabian Society…were rich and your poor,
now get back to work.


To be fair to the Brits, they don’t get FOX NEWS in Britian, so all they ever see is the fake news channels there. It is understandable that they dislike POTUS. The fake news here has butchered the truth, in fact, there is no resemblance to the truth on ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN. Sadly, propaganda wins the day.


My thoughts entirely. Everywhere you go at each airport and hotel CNN and if you only formed your opinions from their news then what poor deluded people you are.


Oh and don’t let us forget our own BBC with its prejudiced left wing slant which takes its lead from the fake news from the US. Is it any wonder when subjected to this distorted and untrue avalanche that peoples opinions are also distorted. My advice is go on the web and pull up Fox News ans get it straight from Hannity or Judge Jeannie.


And we left UK because we COULDN"T protest! How times have changed. Love her, but Queen Elizabeth definitely doesn’t have the control that previous kings/queens have had!

That’s a boatload of talking points packed in that little paragraph.

Fox news is like a quiet room for Trumpanzees when the real world questions their beliefs and gets too scarey.

it a smaller crowd than a Trump rally

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You have really hit the nail on the head there. This only confirms what I have felt for some time. The mainstream media in the US have completely lost the plot and are turning out the most ridiculous rubbish as news and fact. They believe that this is for domestic consumption only and thankfully a majority of American voters take it for what it is. Complete and arrant rubbish. However the recipients of this in other countries hear and see it on CNN and believe what they are being told. Yes these are people from all walks of life and this is why the protests and disrespect to the office of president.Until these news channels start to show some responsibility for their actions I am afraid that the situation will only get worse.


So, I guess, we should just label the protesters as left wing (though they are not divided as we define left wing) but what about Canada? We seem to have insulted them too and they responded with one voice. No Sir. The protests can’t be defined as anything other than a global revulsion to a very blunt man that seems to have no impulse control.

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:rofl::rofl: precious

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To your list of fake news you should add: The Economist Magazine, Reuters, Der Spiegel, The Washington Post, CNBC and Bloomberg. Basically everyone other than Fox News. Who is the victim of propaganda? The whole world or Fox viewers? Hmmm… You should try watching any other news but I warn you your goose step may loose some firmness.

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I assume you misfired on the quote here?

it’s actually pretty easy to tell untruth (ie lies) in a “news” article even if one never hears truth. Not everyone is a dumb sheep. The words used are usually highly PC, they don’t make concrete statements that are not obvious personal feelings (indicated by use of certain words, such as “like”. similar, and on and on)—it’s all legalese speech (ie “bs”). And then again, if one has some rational thinking ability, its usually clear when they are hearing evasiveness and slight untruths. but, most have not learned how to reason in school, but for the most part (now for about 30 years) have been socially engineered. Seen many people who can even do simple math, lately?

Same brain dead paid actors or brainwashed bots as in the US. #MAGA They hold signs that have no connection to reality. How dumb can you be and still breathe.

look like everyone is having fun expressing their freedom of speech peacefully.

Except that what they are protesting against doesn’t exist and is a figment of the fake media imagination lol

so that should remove their right to assemble?