Analyasis of the 2016 election

you wont take credit for my work

What exactly are you trying to say with all these threads. Not to be harsh mate but your posts are as boring as a pan of porridge and make about as much sense.

But at least your not posting idiotic made up songs and trying to pass them off as politics.

you wont take credit for my work

People are stupid, that’s how.

you wont take credit for my work

you wont take credit for my work

There was NOT “massive voter registration (fraud) and voting by illegal aliens” in Georgia, Texas, and Arizona in 2016.

There were about 16% of the people in Pennsylvania that voted for Sanders in the primary that ended up voting for Trump in the general election. Trump won Pennsylvania by 0.72%. Two years later, Democratic Senator Casey of PA won his reelection bid by as much as 13.1%. The 2020 Democratic nominee is likely going to win PA in 2020.

Trump is NOT going to win Colorado and Nevada in 2020. The GOP incumbent Senator of Nevada lost his reelection bid by 5% last year.

you wont take credit for my work

Why is it called data sheet p?

you wont take credit for my work

Trump will not flip enough of those states to make up for the FACT he will lose WI, MI and PA.

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But Why???

you wont take credit for my work

Donald Trump will not win re-election. That’s a fact, you can take it to the bank? :wink:

So why hasnt Trumps DOJ pursued a prosecution?

Most western democracies vote their leader based on national vote, not a version of the EC. Are you saying they are all communist?

taking credit for my work aint cool

No I didn’t vote for Trump. I am a conservative but one with individual thought. I cast my vote for the libertarian Johnson, because he best matched up with my conservative ideals.

If you had paid attention at all to what’s going on here at this forum, instead of engaging in self promotion of your works, you’d notice that this forum allows for all political views…we start topics and engage in discussion and debate.

I have been here for over 16 years, have gone through three incarnations of the forum system, and one thing is for sure EVERYONE is welcome. Other political forums would have sent you packing days ago. The moderators here, are generally fair, and work to keep this place from falling into chaos.

Just because our esteemed host is in the bag for Trump, as are you, doesn’t mean we all have to be. I stay here because this site allows for spirited political debate. That is why most of us are here. To be honest. The majority of us could care less about your data about the great Donald Trump. We care about what you, D4D think about. Most of us aren’t even reading it. Engage in debate on topics. You post data about city and county voter data with no explanation about why it’s relevant or important.

This place is about debating politics, not glorifying Donald Trump.

Nobody wants to…

Seriously who’s taking credit for your work?