An unarmed young woman was shot dead by police in the Capitol today

Should police face the same scrutiny that we have seen with other police shootings of unarmed individuals?

Should cities burn in mostly peaceful protests as a result of this shooting?

Or is this shooting different since the young woman was reportedly a Trump supporter?

Here is a description of the shooting from an eye witness:

Warning graphic video:

“Go home.”

So the shooting was justified? Nothing to see here?

I’m as guilty as anyone, but how about a timeout until we know facts? What does making unverified claims surrounding someone’s death achieve? There will be plenty to discuss once the truth is known. Someone, somewhere is mourning. Why is there a need to politicize a lost life hours after they died?

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Oops. Ruins the lib narrative that a trump supporter did it.

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I don’t know what to think. That’s very sad . Probably in the wrong place at wrong time. If she is indeed 16, why is she there???

Also I saw that she was wearing trump flag as cape when she was shot. Imagine being dead drape in trump paraphernalia - instead of American flag. :sleepy:

Police and hospital have confirmed a death, and that’s it.

I agree, hopefully it won’t disappear in the noise.

Oh yes they did and it was neither one person nor one time.

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16 years old? That’s a girl.

nah. you’re thinking of pointing weapons or threatening cops with weapons

Resisting an armed cop is a risky thing.
That doesn’t make the shooting by the cop justified.
Yes, it should be investigated just as any other shooting by a cop would be.
Wait for the facts.



Nah, I’m not.

well, she wasnt black and this was over a fight for our republic instead of a handbag, so it’ll disappear from news soon.

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No he’s not. It’s brought up in police shooting threads here the time

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You misspelled “sedition”.

But did she resist the cops.

Also has she even been identified because I haven’t seen it.

No info except dead.