An old Apple ad has chillingly accurate parallels to today

Have the fake-news media used lies and disinformation to hypnotize a large portion of the US?

What will it take for people to leave their fake-news bubbles?

Have Apple and other tech giants become complicit in the very things they were supposed to end?

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When you say fake news bubbles are you referring to the likes of Breitbart, The Blaze, Fox News, etc?


Looks like its an indoctrination film for the occupation of chad chop zone for their summer of love spaghetti dinners

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It’s almost like one side will resolutely not be able to understand that ad, because of their fake news bubbles.

Thanks for proving OP point.



I’m guessing the guy on screen is the Pres?

No, just the things I don’t like. Also Trump told me what I’m seeing and what I’m reading is not what’s happening so I mainly just listen to him. Do I need to sign up officially to join this QAnon group? They love their country and their Trump and so do I.


I have a put up or shut up opportunity for you. Check Breitbart, and Fox. Tell me which of today’s stories are fake. Has either one accused a high school kid of harassing and old native gentleman lately? Has either one lost a major defamation case recently? Your move. :blush:

Do the same with CNN or MSNBC. Which is fake?
Have either of them harassed a dead persons family with made up stories lately?

Besides, the way fake news works is on what stories they cover.

Like today. What are the big stories?
Bannon indicted is def a big one!
The continue death count of the Coronavirus? Probably.
Trump losing another court case over his tax return?
One of the major parties nominating the first woman of color on a presidential ticket? Def.

Fox news front page has"Trump ready to steal spotlight tonight" and “Tara reid” as their 2 big headlines.

Talk about a bubble. If you only watched fox you might not even know Bannon was indicted!

Most people don’t trust MSM

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Soooo many people like to reference 1984, but I’m finding out so many of those people haven’t read it.

Do you understand it? Could you explain it to me please?

3rd story down. It was second a couple of hours ago.

What they are trusting scares me even more.

I’m glad it’s on there.
Not sure how it’s under tara reid but cool

Thank GOD that Hooters Girl comes into save the day with her Hooters Hammer!

Or Q-Anon, which is the Satanic Panic all over again. Trumpers claiming everyone else is hypnotized is ■■■■■■■ hilarious.

The Tara Reid story is about accusations against Biden, during the convention.

That was weak.

It’s recycled news they are pushing to try to district you from the convention.
It’s not news, def not a top story

It’s about as relevant as next week during the Republican convention bring up Trumps association with Lee Epstein, which if I did that, you would move to the TDS thread.