An Observation on Free Market Advocacy

I’ve read plenty of material from think tanks that promote laissez-faire and one thing that I have seen a lot of from them is that they will either:

  • Say that non-laissez-faire policies only benefit special interests,
  • Claim proponents of non-laissez-faire policies are special interest groups.

It’s incredibly convenient that they don’t call proponents of laissez-faire “special interests”, isn’t it? It’s totally transparent and I’ve never seen anyone else jump on this tendency of free market activists.

I am an advocate for the laissez-faire approach. Just as the word indicates…it’s the most “fair” to all concerned.

Big business loves big govt… Keeps the little guy out. See current Gas spike in California.

All the most rapid advances in standard of living come from times of limited govt. Even the sumerian advance so rapidly at the beginning people think it was aliens. Once they got a king, it stops.

England and America in the 19th century build the modern world in about 100 years…

Oh My…

Laissez-faire is an economic system in which transactions between private parties are free from any form of government intervention such as regulation, privileges, imperialism, tariffs and subsidies. Proponents of laissez faire argue for a complete separation of government from the economic sector.

Oh wait…you are like Trump, and you were just kidding.
Am I Rite? :crazy_face:

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It’s amazing so many people bought black market pot for decades and still don’t think free markets work.

Actually, I’m kind of sad they turn over the pot market to big corps instead of the black market street entrepreneurs.

This is entirely false. Laissez-faire is not free from government intervention.

Where the ■■■■ do you get this notion that Sumeria had “limited government”? They had absolutely nothing resembling private property.

They had temples not govt at first,… And what do you think people farmed on? Ther other families land?..

That’s why we have to eliminate the free market and have the government manage it.

Piss off.