An Honest Republican-I don't care if I am breaking the law

Nothing like telling people you don’t care if you are breaking laws for political purposes. All well the hard core partisans won’t care anyways as they have no morals.

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What’s up with HuffPost throwing red flags all of a sudden?


What exactly is your point with this thread? Are you implying that all Republicans advocate breaking the law but won’t admit as much publicly???

Wow…sounds like she is repeating the left’s meme of…by any means necessary…amirite? :sunglasses:


Oh wait…lemme guess…this is different?

What are you guys seeing?

Only the best people.

That’s what I see.

Oh libsss are allowed to disregard our laws.

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Do you brush your finger up and down your lips…sideways…when you pronounce libsss? :sunglasses:

No…I never could remember where my fingers have been. :wink:

Well that ain’t good…I think? :sunglasses:

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I hope it was just a pie.