An example of why society is getting more and more coarse and disrespectful

It’s AN EXAMPLE. I know you can read.

The kid got what he deserved. The coach was fully right to stop him.

The parents want the coach fired because he stopped their kid from perpetrating disorderly conduct.


What socio-economic group were the parents in this particular incident?

I looked up the Wilmot Union High School in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. While the district is overwhelmingly white, it is also overwhelmingly working class, not affluent at all. Academically, the school is entirely unimpressive.

Not a rich person’s school district, not by a long shot and if there are any rich people living in this school district, most likely their kids are at private school, not a demonstrably mediocre public school.

Now before anybody gets their panties in a twist, I am talking about Wilmot Union High School in particular, not public schools in general. By public school above, I mean only THIS particular public school.

Sad that you needed to add that caveat at the end of your post, but that’s almost a requirement around here nowadays.

:roll_eyes: Post complete thoughts and I won’t be forced to interpret them. You post cryptic one-liners and then get bent out of shape when I can’t read your mind.

It’s not the job of coaches or players to work security during games. If the kid had a weapon, you want the unarmed coach to approach and clothesline him? I’m sure that will work out just great. Coaches should leave security to security professionals.

Best to err on the safe side. :smile:

In my experience, public school districts run the gamut.

For example, I live in Lackawanna Trail School District in Pennsylvania, rural, generally affluent, academically successful.

Neighboring Abington Heights School District is rural to suburban, affluent, academically superior.

Then there is the Scranton School District. Urban, lower class to poor, academically a wasteland.

That is just 3 of the 17 School Districts to be found in Wyoming and Lackawanna Counties alone and 3 of the 500 School Districts in Pennsylvania. They vary in quality and sometimes very wildly.

Everything I posted was complete, and what I said was specifically what I meant.

Anything else was your fabrication, and I will not accept responsibility for your additions.

Nobody asked you to. I just expect you to read my words. I also cannot take responsibility for your reading comprehension skills.

The issue you raised to me was laying on hands. ( “If you’re talking about laying your hands on my kid, as this coach did to this high school student…” )

How would said laying of hands been different had the rent-a-cop done it?

The kid got what he deserved. Doesn’t matter whether a coach or a security person did it. And the parents should be ashamed of the parentage that was on display in that video, not trying to get someone fired because their kid got stopped in the act of disorderly conduct.

I think people need to stop expecting other people to parent for them, and then at the same time, punishing when they do. Parent your crotch goblins properly, if you don’t want them to get hurt. Teach them proper manners, proper respect for themselves and other people. This is why we can’t have nice things, because parents who let their kids do whatever they want, get pissy when someone disciplines them for infringing on someone else. It’s the parents’ fault for not teaching proper respect, in this case, for a football game.


Yes, but they could be accidentally tackled by boys/mean who are twice to three times their size. It’s just common sense not to run out into the open during a match. Same reasons as why you don’t run out in front of a car.

I get what you mean, but not all rich people are that way. My parents disciplined me (sometimes too harshly) and in a sense, I’m glad that they did- I know right from wrong, and do my best to stay out of trouble.

I completely agree, though, the parents that spoil their children needlessly because they are rich and refuse to discipline their children leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This is the next generation. Teach them to be commendable adults.

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I’ll say this: It has always been an idea of mine that for halftime entertainment or a 7th-inning stretch activity to stage a contest where a fan can win season tickets if he can out-dodge two cops with tasers for 30 seconds.

Some deep complete thoughts there. :smile:

Your words were vague. My reading comprehension skills can only take me so far given the material.

It’s the rent-a-cop’s job. He’s been trained and is literally paid to secure the field. The coach stuck his neck out where it didn’t belong and it looks like it might get chopped off.

How do you know the kid’s parents aren’t ashamed of his behavior?

Indeed. Running onto the field is always a bad idea. It can get scary, and I’ll never forget this incident at a White Sox game:

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I meant that wealthy and powerful parents have come out swinging for their kids for generations, and no one blinks an eye.

Oh but this time, it’s the breakdown of civilization.

Those snippets were accompanied by other words. Your choice to pretend that they stood alone as incomplete statements is disingenuous.

Thus you are continuing to make things up.

And you’re not very good at it.

Keep repeating it. Your reading comprehension is not my problem.

Nope. He stuck his arm out and stopped the kid cold. The kid deserved it.

Reading comprehension.

I missed where anyone (but you) said that.

I haven’t even looked.

What difference does it make? We allow the elite parents to act like this. Why can’t this parent?

Oh, but suddenly this one incident is why society is “coarser” and “more disrespectful”. :rofl:


Where did I say it’s “why”??

Why did you make that up?


“crotch goblins”


I’m stealing that.