An examination of Ford’s account of the alleged assault

I know there is the other more general thread so I was hoping this thread could specifically examine Fords account of the alleged incident. I was able to listen to the majority of Dr. Ford’s account of the alleged incident and have to say that I actually found different parts of her story odd. The first part will focus on her getting there and the accounts before the assault.

  1. So she said she was swimming at a country club prior to going to this party or gathering, correct? How did she even know about this party? Did she say why she went to this party, was it planned ahead of time or they just decided to go? Was she invited? Did she know the time of the day or day of the week?
  2. Now she doesn’t remember who drove her there or who drove here back, correct? Does she remember whether this person was male or female? Although she does remember who the other girl was at the party? Does anyone else find that odd? She remembers virtually everyone else who was there but doesn’t remember who she went to the party with?
  3. Did she ever explain how she knew Kavanaugh? Was he a very well known and popular kid in that community? How many other parties did she go to where he was at? How did he behave at those other parties?
  4. She does recall herself only having one beer? She also claims that the two boys were completely wasted by the time she got there? How did she know how drunk they were? Did she say she saw them drink 10-15 beers each?
  5. Also she said that there were only six people there at the time, but the two guys were upstairs listening to music? Typically in small gatherings people stay together and when more and more come then people start to disperse in small groups. Did she ever say why they went upstairs?
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