An email from Valmont Site Pro 1 to me about a price increase

"May 1, 2018

Dear Site Pro 1 Customers,

We regrettably, are forced to increase our prices due to rising material and freight costs. As you are all aware, steel, aluminum and copper prices have risen significantly in recent months. Steel is up 44%, aluminum is up 15%, copper is up 22%, and freight costs have increased close to 16%.

A price increase of approximately 10% for Site Pro 1 products will go into effect on June 4, 2018. We will e-mail all current customers new price lists. "

How before these price of metals hit the consumer?


This is winning.

Steel Coil up 32% since the beginning of the year.


Why would freight costs to carry the same amount of material, go up?

I’m guessing fuel prices.

Darn that Trump and his steel tariffs


By John W. Miller and
William Mauldin
March 1, 2016 7:23 p.m. ET

The Department of Commerce Tuesday imposed preliminary duties on imports of cold-rolled steel, used to make auto parts, appliances and shipping containers, from seven countries including China, whose steelmakers were slapped with a massive tariff.

The duties, set at 265.79% for Chinese steelmakers, will be imposed within the next week but must still be confirmed in a final determination scheduled for this summer. They are meant to punish dumping, or selling below cost. to improperly gain market share. Chinese officials have denied the practice.

After enduring one of their worst downturns ever, American steelmakers are now counting on tariff protection to help ride out a weak market. A slowdown in the steel-heavy oil-and-gas industries combined with a boom in Chinese exports has deflated steel prices around the world.

the days of deflated steel prices are OVER with a capital O.


Even Obama understood the game China plays, subsidizing goods until global competitors are forced out of business. Don’t you?

Lack of truck drivers. I’ll have to try and dig the article up again. Those who have contracts are finding they didn’t plan well enough and have more business than the contract calls for and have been trying to find independent’s to ship with on the spot market, and they are getting harder to get and the prices are skyrocketting.

so the raise of 32% in steel price over the past 4 months is good. LOL.

just ask the people who use Valmont Site Pro 1 products.


Why did the cost of my favorite drink from my local coffee shop keep going up when milk and gas prices were going down?

Corporate greed?

You know how those evil capitalists are!

I mean, you’re not wrong. Despite the “unfair tax burden” we put on corporations in the USA, they still continued to manage to rake in record profits.

Someone seems to be lying to you.

Fuel prices rising.

I love it dueling charts

Last 30 days: 4/1/2018-5/1/2018 aluminium prices up 13.5%

those are the facts.