An easy, common sense approach to saving social security

S.S is not government money. It’s yours. Taken from your paycheck to provide for your retirement. But it’s been raided and used to pay for what ever crap congress choses. It would be similar to the company who manages your 401k, cashing it out and using it to pay for their own bills. So how do we stop the madness? Easy. But congress must show some discipline. Which is nearly impossible for them.

Before any further reductions in S.S. are made:

  1. All foreign aid must be cut off and the funds distributed to S.S. recipients.

  2. Any government payouts to foreign nationals living in the U.S. legally or illegally must be suspended and the funds directed to S.S.

  3. Welfare and food stamp payments will be eliminated for people who have the physical capacity to work within 90 days. All savings will be directed to S.S.

  4. Anyone with a retirement income over $150,000 will not be eligible for S.S. This is my least favorite idea. Because it requires the theft of money from people who have actually planned out their retirement.

  5. This one will seal the deal. All future S.S. benefit reductions must come with an equal reduction from government and congressional pension plans. When congress has to share the sacrifice, things will start to get done.

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One last raid on the treasury before the boomers pass into history?


I want the government to stop taking money from me for these boomers. Get rid of Social Security, it’s my money and I want to keep it!

Remove early retirement benefits. Variable tax to guarantee solvency. Decrease spending.

I’d transfer some of that massive defense spending to SS.

This is a misconception on how SS works. The taxes that are collected do not go to pay your retirement. They pay the current retirees.

As for your accusations that SS has been raided to pay for other things, this is also a myth. SS does make investments into bonds instead of just leaving it in a trust, but the bonds pay interest and have been backed by the full faith of the US government.

There are a few ways we can increase the coffers of SS. I think we should raise the cap on the tax. Currently we pay 6.2% of the first $127K of income. We could raise that cap to a higher amount. There are more options, but this is one I would agree with.

Interesting to see who will defend socialism in this thread.


Sorry its still govt money.

Asking government to return the money they have stolen is not a raid to normal people. Are congressional pensions a raid on the treasury? Should they get to keep theirs while taking ours?

Do you like any of my suggestions? Should congress get to keep their “government money” while taking ours?

That could be on the table. Should my ideas be on the table as well?

It wasn’t stolen.

It was used to pay for the people on Social Security before you.

AKA… Socialism.

Why do you like Socialism?

Do you think that congressional pensions should be subject to the same reductions that S.S. is? Should they have to play by the same rules?

Why would boomer be entitled to all the various funds in your laundry list? They CHARGED them on the fed credit card… they never paid for them

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Are you asking me if I like socialism or declaring that I do? If you want to know my thoughts you are free to ask. What’s your question? You might be surprised as to my reply.

It’s not polite to jump ahead with your own question before answering the one asked of you.

Should congressional pensions be subject to the same reductions that they are inflicting on S.S. Or should their government money be off the table because they are special?

They are two separate issues that are being conflated for no reason.

Social Security should have been fixed years ago… but like everything with the boomers… put it off and make the next generations pay even more for them all the while crowing about how Socialism is bad.

Social Security is Socialism.

They are certainly not. Both are money that is supposed to help people with life after work. Both come from the exact same source. The federal treasury. In my view, it is immoral for a millionaire congressman to keep his federal paycheck, intact while slashing the benefits of the working glass. Government greed gone wild.

Of courser they are separate issues.

Trying to link the two is just as silly as linking Social Security to foreign aid.