An Admission of Culpability

An admission. Love the honesty. Now they need to stop the escalations.

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The subhed:

Virginia senator is open to exempting voting rights legislation from the filibuster

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Sure, sure. Of course he is.

“We started it. I wish we hadn’t. We’re going to keep going.”

No surprise.


Yes, he is. He said he is. It’s not like this is even just in the article, it’s in the subhead directly under the headline.


I agreed.

Did you?

Was I what?

The Filibuster rule is dumb and should be removed.

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Did he not say this?

“I would wish we wouldn’t even have started this a decade ago. When the Democratic leaders actually changed the rules, I don’t think we would have the Supreme Court we did if we still had a 60-vote margin on the filibuster, but we are where we are,” Warren told host Martha McCallum on “Fox News Sunday.”

And then basically doubles down on his own stupidity.

“And the idea that somehow to protect the rights of the minority in the Senate, we’re going to cut out rights of minorities and young people all across the country – that’s just not right to me.”

Those are his words…not mine or author of that article.


Thank you for your opinion. Again we will take it under advisement and give it due consideration.

That’s a pointless wish. You either have a legislative filibuster or you don’t. Getting rid of it for the bills you support and keeping it for the bills you don’t support should work as well as getting rid of it for the offices your President wants to fill but keeping it for offices not currently open.

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Well we had reconciliation which bypasses the filibuster, trump used it to dump the Obamacare mandate.


so is canada, and so should it be

he used it to dump a law deemed to have been passed under reconciliation to begin with.

Au contraire. Obamacare was subject to filibuster rules


the lies of the masters will not suffice. the bill passed by the senate was never passed by the house. the senate bill was “deemed” to have been passed in reconciliation. the earlier bill passed by the house did not pass the senate

He seems to be saying he is glad they did it re: the SC.

Pretty confusing statement from this guy really.

The mandate was passed under filibuster rules.


the senate bill was never voted on in the house. you know this, everyone knows this. the lies of the masters you serve will not suffice

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However the mandate was subject to the filibuster in the senate and passed. That is the truth. No getting around that.