Amy klobuchar self quarantine

Proof that dems put politics ahead of Americans health. Amy Klobuchars husband has covid19. Why is she not in self quarantine? 5 GOP senators have placed themselves on quarantine, dems won’t.

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Klobuchar said her doctor had advised her not to get a test because they had been in different places for the last two weeks and she was outside the 14-day period for getting sick, so she didn’t qualify for testing.

Anything else?


Because Klobuchar and her husband “have been in different place for the last two weeks,” and she is outside the 14-day period for infection, her doctor has advised her not to get a test.

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Dang, beat me.

Why let that stand in the way of a good first post rant?


Yeah…I know. If someone gets sick and it can be traced back to Senator Klobuchar, should she and her doctor be prosecuted?

If someone gets sick and it can be traced back to you, should you be prosecuted?

If…you purposefully or negligently exposed others, yes. IMO…you should be held responsible and penalized. This also should be broadcast and become public knowledge. If it’s totally accidental, no. That’s life.

Ok. Did Klobuchar purposefully or negligently expose others?

Push poll questions are stupid and sleazy.

“ Would you be more or less likely to vote for John McCain if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?”

So get on out of here with that noise…

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Maybe Klobuchar is just doing her part to protect your 401k?


Ben McAdams (D) self-quarantined before he was tested and confirmed.

You’ll make a lot of friends here at Hannity.