America's top general is apologizing

“America’s top general is apologizing for appearing in a photo-op with President Donald Trump after the forceful dispersal of protesters outside the White House last week, saying the move was a “mistake.””

Will he be fired in a Friday night news dump?


Obviously he’s a deep state lib.


It was a shameful episode.


He’s also saying the military will not carry out any “illegal” orders.


I was glad to see this. Milley is known as being a top notch guy, I was wondering what the hell was going on with him. You don’t expect to see a guy like this participating in a photo op, much less one created by teargassing peaceful protestors.


And that is a far more powerful statement.


Nobody was teargassed and the church was almost burned to the ground 24 hours earlier.

It was the proper action in the face of violent agitators.

The peaceful element of the protest needs to understand how they are being manipulated.

The shock is wearing off and the herd may begin to respond in a different and unanticipated manner IMO of course.

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When would they carry out illegal orders?

I have not seen any yet.

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Nobody said there have been. If you don’t know that is one of the biggest fears of using the military for law enforcement however, you have some reading to do on the subject.

Why is Trump administration full of such weak libs who keep apologizing for 'Murica ???

Apology tour !!! :angry:

Get ready for 2021. We’re gonna be seeing a lot of this.


A lot of what, Trumpers on an apology tour ?

Yes, and a lot of “I was never really a Trump supporter.” stuff.


Top general apologizes for appearing in photo-op with Trump

…but later in the article, CNN then tells the truth which was;

While he did not pose for photographs with Trump upon arriving at St. John’s Church, Milley, dressed in his combat fatigues, was captured on camera walking behind Trump as he moved from the White House to the church.

That’s ok though…the sheople must eat. Now say it for me, orange man baaa, baaa, baaad. :sunglasses:


One room downstairs was burned, I think it was a nursery? The main church area was fine.

Still horrible, but what does that have to do with the people peacefully protesting the following day? It was before curfew, all they had to do was wait 1/2 hour and curfew could have been enforced.

As far as the rubber bullets and CS gas, they were used. A local news unit was there and collected spent casings for both. The Washington Post showed the troops with tear gas launchers and tear gas shells. Another video shows a troop throwing a stinger ball, which fires rubber pellets and tear gas, at a crowd of people. That stinger ball casing was also collected at the scene.

So if they are denying it, they are simply lying.


The article says Milley wasn’t in the picture.

So what is he apologizing for

Wearing his uniform apparently.

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True that, but he was photographed walking down towards the church in his fatigues. That is what he regrets, being there at all.