Americans flee Democrat Run cities. The fifty worst

Those 2 liberal sanctuary cities of Lawton. Oklahoma and Charleston, West Virginia.

Lots of illegals in those cities, No doubt.


What Black Panther, Weather Underground Member, and Socialist/Communist didnt vote democrat? Both parties have unsavory members.

all 3 of them? what did you follow them into the voting booth?


I’m not disagreeing with you but I’m trying to bring Born Again into the year 2018 where all the white supremacy groups as well as white nationalist groups vote Trump. He believes we’re still in the Bull Connor era which is simply not fact any longer!

Is Dillusional and deflection your middle name? How many times did Trump or any conservative on stage have to denounce David Duke? How many liberals are flanked for not denying Farrakhan or Khalid Muhammad? Or what about Obama partying it up with people who bombed the pentagon in Bill Ayers? Thats ok? Both sides have unsavory parts to it, after all they are politicians, not jesus!

I agree, White Conspiracy Vote for RNC, but all the people running denounce them! Why wont the DNC man up and denounce their hate groups? The only one to do it is Joe Manchin, and honestly, I would vote for him as president in a heart beat.

Weather Underground? The 70s are calling, they want you to come back.

Kinda Like Obama claiming the 80s want their policies back? These people , “Bill Ayers”! Are professors at prestigious colleges shaping young minds, and still unrepentant. Their thoughts and beliefs are alive and well.

for want of free cheese

Once Democrats take over, its downhill. 40 years of Democrat control

Minorities are waking up. Fifty plus years of Democrat promises gave them nothing of value. Subsistence level living isn’t what Americans believe is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It just sucks. And now people are figuring it out. The reason why Obama didn’t fix immigration when he easily could have, or helped black neighborhoods…he has a super majority, could ram through congress any law he wanted…

The reason why he did NOTHING but Obamacare (which made many Democrats rich)…

Is because every election they blame Americans for the problems, they blame Republicans. That is how they get re-elected, blame the innocent for what they themselves did, and then get re-elected promising to fix it, but never actually fixing it cause the need to run again on the same issue next election.

It’s expensive out there.

No work in some of them.