Americans flee Democrat Run cities. The fifty worst

As Democrats conspire to flood their sanctuary cities with undocumented Democrat voters, Americans are fleeing the violence and poverty for Republican run good government.

Born Again, you didn’t answer my question in another thread so I’ll ask you here…What percentage of white nationalist, kkk, and neonazis voted for and support trump? Did you look at those vile websites to see who they support. Don’t worry…no website names will be listed but you can find them on the interwebs!

Bringing their poison with em.

Nowhere in the article does it state the reason for migration is due to sanctuary cities. Epic fail.

Quite a few conservative strongholds on that list. Sure you’re not being a little too reductivist for the sake of partisanship, Alfie?

Do you even read your own links. Most of those cities still had net population growth. People aren’t leaving them to move to the country, they’re just moving amongst cities.

Democrat mayors have publicly suggested immigration would solve flight from their poorly run cities and towns. Google it. These are Democrat run cities, many of them sanctuary cities.

Do the math. As deranged illegals protesting racist bigoted America moves in, Americans move out.

As predictable as the sun rising in the morning.

Again, Nowhere in the article does it state the reason for migration is due to sanctuary cities. Epic fail.

Those few exceptions prove the rule, the vast majority are Democrat run sanctuaries angry leftists.

The beauty of it, from Democrat leadership perspective, they don’t flood into the suburbs and gated communities where they live, but they do add to the supply of cheap gardeners.

Did you even read this article?

Plus, as the predictable misery index rises and there is social unrest in minority communities, Democrats can blame Republicans for it and get even more votes!

Its a win win from the DNC perspective.

But its treasonous from an American perspective.

No, he doesn’t. He just spews ■■■■ out of nowhere.

I was honestly surprised how many Sun Belt cities are emptying out.

Dread the next recession regardless of politics those places where housing prices is way above were they were during the last housing bubble will be devastated. Most people are moving because of housing prices above everything else.

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Dread the coming Robot revolution that will create illegal infested neighborhoods that reliably vote Democrat, but riot in the streets for want of employment.

Of course they will obey their training and turn their anger on racist bigoted America, just as the Democrats taught them to do.

Why should this one be any different than the others he links to?

Trump derangement syndrome affects your analysis

No, it’s pretty clear you don’t read the articles you think support your crazy sauce.

Stock the bunker with canned goods and Depends before it all starts. Illegals and robots and libs oh my, all of them stalking you in the moonlight with their knives a-glistening!

What is the punishment for treason?