Americans deeply pessimistic about the state of the country and economy

National dissatisfaction. Most Americans, 85%, say the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Democrats had been positive about how things were going, but now 78% say the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Isn’t it time for this disaster to end? Biden needs to resign now.

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Are you that eager for President Harris?


Yes, as a matter of fact I am. That would be the straw that broke the camel’s back and the Democrat Party would cease to exist.

Oh I don’t see anyone signing up for this again any time soon.

You think Harris would be worse than Biden? Are you that eager for one-party rule?

We are in a conundrum. Biden is incompetent and Harris is even more incompetent.

So, we have the Fed courts (thank you Trump) the Supreme Court and Governors.

We will get through this.


I don’t know why some people believe Republican policies will fix the state of things. But have at it. It will be a nice reversal from the usual situation, where Democrats get punished because they don’t fix Republican mistakes fast enough.

I think we are laboring under the assumption that Biden really is the president. We may suspect who is calling the shots, but we don’t really know for sure.

Harris would be more difficult for the establishment Dem’s to control as she is a loose cannon, and it really couldn’t get much worse than it is now. What she would do would be to totally expose exactly how nut-case crackers the Democrats have become. That would be a good thing in the long run. This nonsense can’t go on.


This is a very poignant question, and it’s painful to consider that possibility.

I think it’s painful even for many Democrats.

Biden is supposed to be that straw.

Harris would become a burn-it-all-to-the-ground president, if you think things are bad now. (And I do.) There might not be a Phoenix among the resulting ashes.

What we don’t want is for the Democrats to blame all this on Biden, go back and regroup to attack us again. Let’s get it all out there now, take our lumps and fix this mess once and for all.

Just my humble opinion.

Yes, I think Democrats are starting to accept the fact that neither Biden nor Harris will be the next president.

Politics is cyclical and thrives on conflict. You’re never going to “fix this mess once and for all.” Another election is always just around the corner.

Not only democrats hate what he’s doing with economy but lot of democrats hate what democrats been behaving and acting with their woke/crime ■■■■ they’re shoving down on our society.

Notice I said our society since ALL forum libs believe in collective.

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You think Harris is going to save the democrats?

What mistakes did repugs did under Trump?

lol. Uh . . . no.

Yep…Gavin Newsom will save democrats in 2024.

If you say so. I’m betting the next president will be a Republican.

I have a hard time believing that someone who needs a cheat sheet to tell him to sit down in his own chair, and then is stupid enough to hold that card up to the camera is really in charge of anything.