Americans Civil rights being violated by President Trumps Customs and Border Patrol

Journalists, advocates and Lawyers are being detained coming back into America after helping asylum seekers with legally filing for asylum or helping with other legal issues.

From the article:
During that screening, journalists and lawyers describe being told that they are being interviewed as part of a national security investigation and that they must give officers access to their cell phones. Many do not know their rights as American citizens to refuse to answer such questions or request a lawyer.

How is this not the real crisis along the southern border?

From the article:
One lawyer from the list who was recently stopped at a San Diego-area crossing, Nicole Ramos, refugee director for Al Otro Lado, a law center for migrants in Tijuana, Mexico, learned from NBC News that CBP had compiled a dossier of information on her. The dossier included personal details such as her mother’s name, her social media pictures, the car she drives and her work and travel history.

Republicans are right, there is a National Emergency at the border. The Trump Government is trampling the rights of US citizens, collecting data on them procuring evidence to use in FUTURE legal actions.

From the article:
n response to a KNSD question about the list, a spokesman for CBP said it is protocol to “collect evidence that might be needed for future legal actions.”

What kind of future legal actions? Against who?

There’s a crisis going on down there alright. Its just not the one Trump wants us to believe.


How is this not being plastered all over the news? This is pure, unadulterated abuse of power. And, the sad part is - in the Trump era, people are starting to become desensitized to these types of abuse of power from the White House as this becomes the norm. This is sickening.

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I’d like to see how Fox News reports this. We report and you decide?


Trump’s America.

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Anyone need any more convincing that we are being run by a regime run by an Authoritarian kleptocratic criminal? It will get worse.

Imagine if Obama had done this? I know he killed American terrorists with drones. I was angry about that as well. But this is much worse in my opinion.

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This is why we can’t allow fat donald to have his National emergency that allows him in so many ways to abuse power.

At some point, one has to wonder what it will take for Americans to say enough is enough. If this isn’t a wake up call, I don’t know what is.

Straight out of Putins playbook

Does any of this sound familiar to history students out there.

Yep…the word ”instigators” That’s a blast from the past.

I live in San Diego and have crossed this border many times. I have never been stopped when driving into Mexico, nor has anyone I know been stopped while driving into Mexico. Their border agents waive everyone through in hopes that Americans will spend their dollars.

There are actually a couple of people on this list that are banned from going into Mexico.

This is some Nixon level â– â– â– â– â– 

One photojournalist said she was pulled into secondary inspections three times and asked questions about who she saw and photographed in Tijuana shelters. Another photojournalist said she spent 13 hours detained by Mexican authorities when she tried to cross the border into Mexico City. Eventually, she was denied entry into Mexico and sent back to the U.S.

These American photojournalists and attorneys said they suspected the U.S. government was monitoring them closely but until now, they couldn’t prove it.

Now, documents leaked to NBC 7 Investigates show their fears weren’t baseless. In fact, their own government had listed their names in a secret database of targets, where agents collected information on them. Some had alerts placed on their passports, keeping at least three photojournalists and an attorney from entering Mexico to work.

Worse than that.

Want to know if you’re on the target list? Have you faced increased scrutiny while covering a story at the border? NBC 7 Investigates wants to hear from you. Contact us at

Interesting. It sounds like local news belives they have the entire database.

How do Republicans not see that this is all going to come back and bite them in the ass when someone from the left like AOC is president. The complete lack of foresight is bewildering

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They do, with pictures.

They are going to win a . Pulitzer Prize

These are US citizens being detained and in some cases arrested. We’re deep inside rabbit hole now.