American Manufacturing expanding at fastest rate in 14 years

In the mist of all the fake news and nothing burgers the news media lives on these days it’s important to look a what’s real. Looks like with the right policy those jobs are coming back.
Manufacturing is the heart of a nations wealth, and it’s defense abilities, so expanding manufacturing base means the future looks great.

" American manufacturers growing at fastest pace in 14 years, ISM finds"

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Thanks Obama.

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Lets be honest, even if the economy was in the crapper, you’d still be a unflichingly loyal Trump supporter.

For what?..Notice the big dive when his policies are hitting their stride around 2014



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And forum libs insured us that manufacturing will never return to United States.

Once again they’re wrong.

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I notice the huge climb in 2009 when his policies started taking effect, and a climb starting at the end of 2015 that continues today.

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Using that metric the increase we’re seeing now is also a result of Obama’s policies hitting their stride

You sure do need some help reading graphs.

Not only that they predicted Trump would kill the economy. Remember the futures on election night…


Told you Cratic. Told you so! Told you so!

You don’t see it drop to below 50 in late 2015?

LOL!.. …

Perspective helps.

Here’s some:

We’re currently at the far right end of the “growth band” that’s been narrowing since 1948.

If someone is going to claim that the drop in manufacturing was the result of policies made years earlier then the same applies to increases in manufacturing.

Oh yeah. Trump was going to crash the economy…never mind the fact that economy was limping alone at 1.6% growth.

Oh and Trump won’t last 6 months either…then a year.

Maybe…just maybe someday libs will get a prediction right for once. :wink:

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If you go behind the reports to the actual numbers employment is not increasing at the same rate and tariffs are not being passed on yet but it is decreasing profitability.

Give it time grasshopper.

Yay for deficit fueled growth!

The experts in the sector are on my side.

This rise was expected and predicted, albeit a little beneath the targets we’re hitting.

Forecasts show a peak next year and then diminishing growth again.

I know…I know…you believe Trump has mystical powers that defy the experts.