American ISIS ----

Is it time to have a conversation about these types yet?

Slow process of radicalisation, due to consuming large amounts of fringe media typically found online.

Or will it only become a big deal after the next 10? Because there will be another 10.

It’s not just a few harmless tinfoil-hat wearing morons on the internet anymore, is it.


Synagogue shooter would be the 2nd in a week.

It’s not the motivation as much as the environment here that is the concern, imo.

If the bombs detonated and it was a Muslim this country would be getting ready for war. Two of our last presidents were victims of assassination attempt. Serious ■■■■


American Jihad.

These two won’t tigger enough concern, maybe after the next 20.

You’d at least think public officials like Gaetz would be a bit more careful though, before they spout off the conspiracy ■■■■■■■■. But then that guy invited a holocaust denier to SOTU so maybe not.

Was Daniel Frisiello radicalized by media?

Potentially, I don’t know much about him.

I actually don’t think it’s a left or right wing problem if that’s your angle. Conspiracy theories were plenty popular on the left during the GW Bush era.

And I think it’s specifically an online fringe problem, not generally a MSM one. Certain people there just help amplify, like with all the Soros stuff.

And i’m sorry, but all the Soros ■■■■■■■■ is absolutely rooted in anti-semitic conspiracy theories. There’s no getting away from it.

Yea but for years during GW bush era the tons of conspiracy was what people called Micheal Moore and his view on Iraq. Which turns out he was right one that point. Did many people on left take the 9/11 as being bush inside job seriously?

A fair few did, I don’t think it gained traction in mainstream liberal thought in the same way conspirational thinking has grabbed hold of conservatism right now. But social media wasn’t anywhere near the force it is back then.

I genuinely don’t think it’s a left/right issue, it will wax and wane depending on who is in power and the media consumption habits of both. Right now the right wing simply isn’t consuming mainstream media in the same way the left wing does, they are going increasingly to the fringes.

I don’t think that will necessarily be a constant.

It definitely IS a problem. In this age of social media narcissism the only way to be heard is to be more outrageous than what was said yesterday, which becomes the next baseline to plumb below tomorrow.

Why would he? The only effective argument against extremism and demagoguery is that it doesn’t works. It got Trump elected president. Hell, you can provably lie constantly and no one cares. Why would Gaetz not do it is the real question.

We’ve had two of these guys in less than a decade just in my mid sized mid Atlantic city.

Trump is a ■■■■■ who refuses to say the words radical right-wing extremists.

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There was also that dude who shot up a Kroger Last week

Including the Gleen Beck psycho who thought cops were coming for his guns? Or is that a separate one

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That dude in 2009 and then this guy today. This is gonna be orders of magnitudes bigger obviously.

A few on the left did fall into the 9/11 truther hole. A few on the right did also.

That was the purview of Alex Jones though and I don’t think that it is fair to saddle any political party with his nutbaggery… that is until the last Presidential election when he and his audience was embraced by the GOP.

It’s just feels like domestic terrorism is the one business where white guys are doing most of the work and getting very little of the credit.

And maybe after the FIRST world trade center bombing, it would have been the right thing to do.

I noticed the same ones that thought 9/11 was inside job also believe we never went to the moon.

Weird people out there.