American infrastructure is failing period

Now consider the money saved by building the wall and that it far exceeds the cost. Can you discern the difference?

If one of the priorities is to upgrade the Fleet of federal vehicles to electric, then it would make sense to build out the infrastructure to support that.

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I m certainly no expert on energyā€¦


Are there not tens of thousands of businesses in this countryā€¦privately ownedā€¦where people buy fuel.

Why is it up to the taxpayers to build charging stations with public money to compete with those privately owned businesses so people can buy vehicles that then fail to contribute any fuel tax money to maintaining the roads?

Oh I knowā€¦because AOC said itā€™s over in 12 years unless we save the planet.

If electric cars are all that popular then it shouldnā€™t take tax credits to buy them and taxpayers to fuel them.


Really? What electric vehicles are for sale currently that would fill this void?

The money saved? Lol. Thatā€™s an opinion of yours that I donā€™t share.

Diverting funds took money away from the defense of the United States.

The wall that was built is a multi billion dollar white elephant.


All that ā€œlolā€ must be you looking in the mirror? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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immigrants (legal and illegal) are a net plus for America, no doubt

We shall agree to disagree on the subject.


ā€¦are ILLEGALā€¦PERIOD and thereā€™s no disagreement because this law applies to all equally.

If all of this is ā€œinfrastructureā€ā€¦

$400 billion for home-based care for elderly and disabled

$35 billion for climate change-related R&D

$50 billion for ā€œresearch infrastructureā€ at the National Science Foundation

$50 billion for new Commerce Department office ā€œdedicated to monitoring domestic industrial capacityā€

$213 billion for home sustainability and public housingā€¦

Then building a wall on the southern border which the people working on the border for ICE and the Border Patrol helped design for the purpose of controlling illegal immigration, keeping out drugs, human trafficking and yes people spreading Covid certainly can be considered part of the National Defense. I just heard our country has had to open a third military base to housing all the illegals that are coming to and apparently being released into our country.

BTW a while back didnā€™t you assure us that all the wall funding was still there and like on March 20 Clueless Joe would re start some construction? I just goggled ā€œcurrent border wall constructionā€ and got nothing?


Wall funding is still there, will be used to maintain existing high point of entry wall, not middle of the desert which has minimal blockage wall.

In other words smart maintainingā€¦


It isnā€™t about what is current but what is produced in the future.

If the infrastructure is not there then the transition to EV would be longer than necessary.

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Smart maintaining???

Thatā€™s a joke. Whoā€™s got time for ā€œsmart maintainingā€ when there are so many new illegals that Biden basically invited to the country to deal with.

Just a suggestion but you seriously might wanna read up on the current mess at the border. That wall has way more to do with this nations security than most of the crap in the infrastructure bill has to do with infrastructureā€¦

Personally I d prefer to spend the money on the wall than on electric car charging stations or whatever that junk Pelosi and Schumer stuffed into the Covid bill.


If anyone desires an electric vehicle, let themā€¦and THEM ALONE pay for it. The government did not pay for gas stations, those that saw an opportunity did. If electric vehicles are in our future, thereā€™s an opportunity to make money. Let those with this vision, pay for these charging stationsā€¦and welcome to the United States of America.

Amenā€¦(I tried to say that above but wasnā€™t as articulate as you).

Great post.

The government has heavily subsidized the oil and gas industry.

For the life of me I donā€™t understand why you would be against something that expands the automobile market.

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Here is a deal I would make.

Cut that 174 billion down to 20 billion for the wall completionā€¦ infrastructureā€¦and 20 billion for charge stations.

Add an additional 20 billion to the charge station to resume keystone pipelineā€¦ infrastructure.


Thenā€¦professionally speakingā€¦governmentā€¦stay OUT of my market.

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Camp for POTUS 2024! :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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It is fractioningā€¦not expanding.

Senator Kennedy, whom I really like, just went on Fox and said ā€œif you think this is an infrastructure bill youā€™d better stay away from sharp objects. This is a green new deal political slush fund.ā€