American gold medalist kneels during national anthem

It’s not me, it’s them.



How i protected your freedom for 10 years and 2 months

Dude. Patriots themselves are taking a knee.

Patriots !!!


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How woefully insecure must be one in their patriotism or love for one’s country that someone else practicing a peaceful form of protest bothers them to that extent ?

That is not true patriotism, it’s authoritarianism - i.e. demand that everyone behaves exactly as you do or else. Perhaps North Korea might be a better fit for such folks.


I protected a lot of freedom here late nights😉

Nope, its you posting.

It takes an evil person to convince others to disrespect Americas fallen Patriots the real warriors.

I was eating sand and dodging bullets. You had it made!

The only thing I had a problem with was him saying he sacrificed his moment to do it. That is no sacrifice.

LOL, ya . The eviiiilest :wink:

It explains Durhams investigation in to the evil doers.

That’s kind of how freedom and liberty works - everyone has the autonomy to decide their level of patriotism.

Coerced patriotism isn’t patriotism at all and it definitely isn’t freedom.

You pick your rate you pick your fate… Lol

But it’s ok to coerce people in to taking a knee when most feel it is morally wrong?

Who is trying to coerce you into taking a knee ?

So far all I’ve seen is people peacefully doing it themselves and not demanding that everyone else does exactly what they do.

Patriots don’t coerce people to be morally bankrupt, that’s what evil does!

The irony of this coming from a Trump supporter

And a Q

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Obama’s going to be the one hit with treason after Durhams investigation, not Trump.

Does Q scare you too like the Democrats.