America last- AGAIN!

Well here TJ goes again, demonstrating his complete hatred of America. He’s over in Poland promising them, and Ukraine all the help and support he ought to be giving to Americans.

We should be used to this from the feckless, treasonous, senile piece of crap by now, but apparently there are things going on here that are causing too many people, some of them Democrats, to question just what the hell Joe is doing, to make an unnecessary trip necessary. So off goes the putz to Europe, in an attempt to refocus the minds of his wandering minions of just what a magnificent, intrepid and leaderly leader he really is!! Way to go, you CLUMSY, DODDERING BUFFOON! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The morons at CNN and the View approve and are spreading your success through their airwaves to the ignorant masses.

And what exactly did his imperial ineptness do? He bravely visited Ukraine!!! Once again braving enemy fire!!! How brave he is!!! He even informed his evil arch enemy, Vladimir Putin, whom only he can go toe to toe with, of his visit, and dared him to launch missiles at KYIV while he was there so that he could show the world how brave he is and how he thumbs his nose at Vladimir! Why, the air raid sirens even went off while he was strolling with his totally non corrupt, and definitely not his paymaster, bestest buddy Zelenskyy! Then he promised 100 billion dollars in aid to protect Ukraine’s borders!

Back to Poland where he promised to help them build icky, polluting, dangerous nuclear power plants! Man that guy must really hate Poland to help them build THOSE things to push his super genius green energy plan!! Wait till they discover just how bad they really are!!! Good thing he’s against them here in America though, just like the pipeline he approved for Russia after shutting keystone down! No kickbacks for the big guy at home

Yup, if there’s any place TJ needs to be is in Europe right now. And why not? It’s not like we have issues here like a border crisis, high crime rates, Fentanyl drug deaths, record Inflation, Chinese aggression, or man caused disasters like chemical spills caused by negligent companies that he should be dealing with instead.

Thank goodness, just another quick tripping up the stairs into Air Force One and Joey B will be back home after showing the world where his true loyalties are!!

We hear ya Joe- loud and clear…


TJ?? I haven’t seen TJ Hooker in years! I kind of liked William Shatner better as Captain Kirk myself though…

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Ah yes, the Establishment’s warmongering continues, just as predicted over 2 years ago.

Imagine looking as stupid as someone who fell for the Kid Sniffer’s grift? :wink:


Who’s TJ?


Somebody let me in on the joke please.

Who or what is that supposed to stand for???

“The Joe”
“Top Joker”
“Total Jackass”
“Terrible Joe”

Yeah we gotta know man…

Nah we don’t have to know.

We just have to laugh at how easily the outrage is manufactured…

Breathe slowly into a paper bag dude, damn.

… …

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Travis Jollenbeck

Thank you!

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I like Total Jackass better…but fine.

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You are certainly free to make up your own nicknames. How about Treasonous Joe the Total Jackass! Totally true and has nice ring to it.

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I’m in!

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I can easily picture Joe Biden using a Joe Biden approach to Poland.
“Here’s a blank check just fill in as many zeros as you want.”

That would be a bad approach

But while taking the wrong approach toward Poland would be wrong, it is perfectly right for him to go to Poland and the Ukraine and Europe in general and the war in Ukraine makes his visit all the more timely and proper.

I really have no issues with his travels, but the optics are bad. I honestly don’t believe the man has any regard for Americans and the timing of his visit, and his comments or lack thereof demonstrate his disdain. He is a total disgrace…


Add to that he wants to fund their pensions while we have homeless and people going into debt to provide for their basic needs.


It is as though he is the president of Globistan and the US middle class is just a sugar daddy to be plucked.

So much for a nationless world ushering in peace. Instead it ushers in a land grab by killing and invading.