AMERICA: Land of the free (stuff), home of the mediocre

This morning on my way to work, I heard liberal candidate and uber-idiot Kamala Harris lying about the current economy. She said the current economy is not working for most, and that most Americans are working 2-3 jobs just to put a roof over their head. Then in yet another allusion to the Liberal Utopia she would help bring about should the public be stupid enough to vote for her, she said no one should have to work more than one job to put a roof over their head.

I was shocked!! Haven’t liberals already gone on record as saying people should be given a living wage whether they want to work or not? And now she implies that I should have to work at a JOB to have a roof over my head!?!? What gives?

I was planning, should she or any of the current liberal candidates get elected, to quit my job, collect my living wage from the government, and spend my free time taking class after class after class in my local free community college because I have so many other interests outside my job that I would like to pursue. And of course, with free healthcare, I have no worries about insurance to consider. I just think Americans would be much better off if they all adopted this plan for themselves. Think about it, no responsibility, no dealing with job stress, no sacrifice of your abilities, time, talent or resources to live and gain anything! All free, thanks to the government.

But I’m sure that very, very few people think like me, because the vast majority of people would rather go out and work those 2 or 3 jobs and have what they earn taken and given to people like me, whose mere existence is contribution enough to society.

BUT I DESERVE ALL THESE THINGS!! And now, Kamala says I should have to work. That settles it- I’M DEFINITELY NOT VOTING FOR THAT LIAR!

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To me, a living wage is a job where, upon agreement of hiring, you are not given pamphlets on how to acquire food stamps.

I have a brother and sister working 2 jobs right now to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. But they’re both Trump supporters so I don’t know if she could get their votes

You are conflating the release of poorly written, not thought through and incomplete points that lay out the “Green New Deal” and anything that Kamala Harris has ever said.

See… that was easy.

In a time of almost unprecedented wealth transfer to the very top, there is no reason why people should need to work 100 hours a week in order to maintain a basic standard of living. Working one full time job should be more than sufficient.

I realize many who bow before the altar of the ultra wealthy cannot even fathom of a society in which workers are treated with as much respect as wealth hoarders, but it’s quite possible. Maybe turn down the conservative TV and radio hosts who are paid more in a year than you are in a lifetime in order to train you to be docile servants of the idle rich.


Well nobody can say home of the Brave any more right?

Because that just isn’t politically (Democrat) Correct!

It might hurt another Countries “Feelings”. And we sure wouldn’t want to do that. lol.

In other news…

I see it that in a nation as wealthy as ours is, most of our problems are self imposed.

The thing about the people pushing back against any sort of social change that is basically returning to a system that was thought of as well and good for most of the 20th century and saw the rise of the large middle class in favor of lassez faire/Ayn Randian Capitalism is that the more people who are left behind by that unnecessarily cruel economic system, the more who will turn towards an even more radical form of socialism than is being advocated.


I like to call it Neo-Feudalism because that’s the best way to explain it.

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There is one reason.

Good deal. Let’s see where the money comes from:

The Texas endowment dates to 1876, when the state set aside more than 1 million acres of West Texas land to support the development of the UT and Texas A&M University systems. The value of the fund shot up with the discovery of oil and the advancement of hydraulic fracturing. In May 2019, its value was $22.3 billion, according to the UT System.

Whaaat!!! What the literal hell? From fossil fuel fracking!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!GREEN NEW DEALLLLLL!!! SNAP!!!

All I can say is wow! :rofl:

For the record, the average hours worked in America is 44 not 100.

It’s 47 hours if you’re full time. And we still work more than any other developed country.

For the record, no it isn’t and hasn’t been for two years. The current average is 34.4 hours/wk according to the most recent data. Since when are we trusting BLS numbers anyway?

Not to mention it doesn’t factor in compressed work weeks, people who don’t get vacations or sick time, or other factors that those menial low wage workers you sneer at have to put up with.

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Do you sometimes forget which threads you’re posting in?

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look at the headline



Bizarre connection you made there, but okie dokie.

try keeping up? lol

Nah…I would never presume to be able to follow the whacky and weird connections your brain makes…:sunglasses:


What good is having menial, low wage workers in a society if you can’t sneer at them from your high horse? Right?

So then you agee the 100 hour claim is made up?