America is not a racist country. True or false

Last night, Senator Tim Scott proclaimed we are not. What are your thoughts? I ask you to judge this based on your own race relations and the things you see in your own life. Newsworld has an agenda. Which is why I don’t want you to use newsworld as your standard. Use what you see in your life.

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I think for a portion of the U.S. that finds racism everywhere and I mean everywhere

America is irredeemable racist. Of course if one believes that then they are also saying races don’t live well together. The west is the only places that carries out this experiment, you won’t see it practiced in the east, and from all the fallout it seems it failed.

I wouldn’t have thought it years ago, everything seemed fine overall we nominated our first black president then all of a sudden here comes blm, riots, everything is racist etc…

I don’t think it’s racist but I think a good portion of the population either think it is, need or want it to be. Again if it is racist were ■■■■■■ after living together this long. Of course that really isn’t true when one looks at demographics at the city level, we don’t truly live together in any mass sense.

Racism exists in every demographic, pretending only white people are or can be racists is well, racist.


Yes, But I asked about racism in your world. Not racism in general. From what you see day to day, is America a racist country?

Nobody I know would dare to say anything racist, they would be shunned. Excepting the really old, they get a semi pass. sigh there goes grandma again, she’ll be dead soon and isn’t changing now kind of thing. As far as family, I would estimate my side of the extended family is about 40% minority at this point. Wife’s family, the monied liberal side, still lilly white.

As they should be. Nothing will kill your professional life or social life quicker than racism. It’s professional suicide.

I find it interesting that so few people are even willing to vote in the poll. I’m not sure what to make of that. Maybe a non vote is a the same as a NO racism vote?

It’s a silly question. Some people are racist and most aren’t.

Your reply is idiotic. Try to think independently for just a few seconds.

Nobody is asking if there are bad people in America. We already know there are. Tim Scott made this comment. Is it a silly comment?
Did you vote?

lol. Oh god, the irony. Yes, it’s a silly comment. Countries aren’t racist, people are. The US has some racist people, but most aren’t. What more do you want?

Thanks for asking. I want you to vote in the poll.

A country with a racist system is racist. The US was for a long time.

Now it’s not.

Okay, I voted. I agree with Tim Scott and Kamala Harris that the country is not racist.

I hope this thought goes mainstream. Because right now, the left is pushing the opposite idea. Bigly. Good for Kamala for not going there.

I may have to change my vote from no to yes. I’m seeing now how some libs are saying Uncle Tim.


These democratic pigs need to start owning their racism. That would be a great start.


I ask you to judge this based on your own race relations and the things you see in your own life.

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Mainstream like how?

What’s “mainstream” now?

The left isn’t pushing the opposite idea. Some are. Some will be complaining about everything as being racist. Like uncle Leo and his everyone is an anti semite. It makes for a good cudgel.

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Yes some liberals need to shut the ■■■■ up.

By the way, the contestant explained that he had three fingers showing to represent the three times he had won on Jeopardy.
I keep reading about white supremacists “coopting” these hand signals, which seem to be different signals from time to time. Actually, I think it is the people who want to interpret those hand gestures as white supremacist who are coopting them, as nearly every time they “see” these signals, it is someone who says they meant no such thing.


Another Seinfeld reference!

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There are racist in every country in the world. If the USA were a racist country, we would have real jim crow segregation laws on a national basis. The best that anyone can point out is claiming that it is somehow racist to have someone identify themselves when they vote.