America finally captured the Royal Family

So the big wedding was today and it was crazy hats everywhere but its good to see someone who struggled his whole life to find his purpose in life finally get a slice of happiness :smile:

to think less then 50 years ago he would have been excommunicated for marrying an divorced biracial American woman.

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I just found out Canada Dry really was started by a Canadian.

As far as the royals… toot toot.

Congratulations to the Baron and Baroness of Kilkeel.


The Earl and Countess of Dumbarton.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


Queen gives out so many titles so her Grand-kid are forced to have babies :laughing:

everyone in Kilkeel a super small town was over the moon with their town being named a barony.

I think the title of Duke of Sussex is perfect for Harry the last person to hold it was Prince Augustus who was very liberal and fought for remove the slave trade, reform Parliament and create civil right for Jewish people in England and married against the wishes of his family in violation of Parliamentary law. (which still existed would have forbidden Harry by law from marrying Margret)

If you get passed the fancy hat and uniform a lot of the royal children have done some pretty crazy thing in history.

Harry is alright. He is a warrior and a stand up guy.

Tell us the entire limericks.

Some of the British Kardashians got married. Who cares?

i saw “Stand By Me” performed. it was really good.

80 years ago a King was excommunicated for wanting to marry a divorced American. Of course, she was also a NAZI spy.

hang on. is she really like a Kardashian? or are you talking about him/his family?

No. She is not anything like a Kardashian. She’s actually a successful actress and does a good amount of charity work even before harry.

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Just saying that British Royal Family is completely meaningless. They are merely symbolic at this time aka famous for being famous just like the Kardashians. And people get all worked up and follow the royals fanatically as if they matter one iota. Sad because I bet most in America who could tell you all about the royal family couldn’t actually name who is prime minister even though the PM matters infinitely more.

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Prince Harry is a military vet who served two term in Afghanistan, created a international charity sporting event to help wounded vets.